dont speak ill of the dead is about not talking shit about your messy aunt at her funeral when she dies not about dickhead oligarchs

@dankwraith "don't speak ill of the dead" is about lies and slander

it's not lying or slander to say things about someone's hobbies that are true

@dankwraith my aunt was a dickhead oligarch tho ~~~ /s

@dankwraith alternatively: dead people don't deserve any particular respect just because they stopped living

It's not an achievement

@dankwraith Koch was a threat while alive and his death will likely save thousands. Not celebrating is more ghoulish.

@_ampersand @dankwraith I'm largely concerned about what dink is going to inherit his wealth, and how the proletariat can seize it, instead.

@RecursiveRabbit @dankwraith this is the fundamental problem of the 'kill the billionaires' idea - then you just have slightly younger billionaires

@_ampersand @dankwraith Inheritance tax is a thing, but I don't think the government can be counted on to collect it, which should tell you who I really think is in charge.

@RecursiveRabbit @dankwraith I mean I'm pretty sure it is collected, or else there wouldn't be a fits-and-starts movement to dismantle it, it's just like not neeeeaaaarly high enough.

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