everyone in media distribution wants to be the next netflix (see: google stadia) even though they are bleeding money because the idea of charging people rent for entertainment is too enticing for capitalists


the thing that bums me out about this is because all the shit is running on google servers you cant do mods. on the one hand i feel like something is being lost with the slow death of game mod culture but i guess on the other hand we are seeing a proliferation of more accessible game creation tools to let people do original work anyway

@dankwraith The big shift away from letting people run their own servers + e-sports becoming a big target for publishers I think killed a lot of crazy creativity.

@lordbowlich yeah everybody wants their own walled garden now and it sucks because you cant build community on online games anymore, just get thrown in the matchmaking pool with 5 people who all want to enjoy the game a different way

@dankwraith @lordbowlich yeah I haven't really enjoyed a multiplayer experience since I used to hangout on broodwars custom maps.

@dankwraith On the converse side, I would've killed for something like Unity back in 2000-06 when I was really into mods.

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