the thing is you can’t take theologically daring or risque lyrics seriously when they come from a christian artist. they know what people think of them. they’re self aware. they know they won’t be taken seriously unless they try to be edgy, and they know that their market is entirely based in two forms of inching up to the line: their christian teen listeners pushing the line of what’s acceptable for their parents to let them listen to (their parents listen to the christian bands that pushed the line in their day), and the band itself pushing the line of becoming a real band and not making fucking christian music anymore


this is why the artists who keep inserting christian messages into their songs way after they could give that up or who keep it carefully ambiguous are the real perverts. at least some of the explicitly christian bands are cynical bastards exploiting a walled market cause they can’t make it in the real world. those other fuckers do it by choice.

“those other fuckers” of course includes sufjan, who i am going to fuck and fix

@zorotl i don't think you have the means to fix that level of settler bs sorry

@byttyrs @zorotl i don't think i've said i could fix anyone who launched on a project of folk americana music, lol

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