there's a certain attitude that some admins and mods have on here that it's inappropriate to talk about their shitty users publicly instead of ONLY reporting them, and that attitude has become a BIG red flag to me indicating other kinds of shitty admin behaviors. it seems to go hand in hand with shit like "well it didn't happen on this site so i can't moderate based on it" or "they might be a fascist but unlike you they're at least being civil" or shit like that. you have the same info in front of you in a screenshot that you would have in a report. why is it sooooo important to you, other than to protect your own ego as a moderator, to only have this talked about quietly in reports.


reports are for the privacy of THE PERSON REPORTING, not the person getting reported or the admin of the instance they're on

also, these are public things that are being reported! it's a public forum! if you don't want people to talk about how shitty your opinions and you as a person are, consider not typing out your horrible shit into a public website! it's absurd to say "well they can say that publicly, and that's fine, but when you say publicly that they shouldn't be saying that, THAT is the REAL problem"

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