writing “this machine kills fascists” on a tank

@WomanCorn fuck off, you weirdo centrist shithead. what the fuck are these:

...and the shit that you've been boosting is even worse than the shit that you've been posting! not interested in talking to you. you're catching a block.

@zorotl @WomanCorn lmao'ing my ass at 'there is a subset of the left that thinks being right-wing is unacceptable but they can't say that'

@zorotl @WomanCorn like way to signal you have zero ability to tell communists apart from nancy fucking pelosi, my good bitch. being right-wing is unacceptable, there is no way to be right-wing without being a white supremacist and vice versa, and every right-winger belongs in a gulag. hope this helps!

@zorotl @WomanCorn oh hey while we're here, this is you, right?

follow-up question: how many noötropics do you take and what're the side effects like from having a brain the size of a volkswagen golf?

@zorotl @WomanCorn jumping on the "being right wing is unacceptable" train. right wingers universally suck ass. eat shit

@zorotl i have a pencil that says it and someday i'll use it to stab a nazi in the face

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