do you ever think about how before capitalism "fan fiction" was just... fiction? and the idea of "canonicity" was reserved for the literal bible?

like when cervantes didn't immediately write a sequel to don quixote somebody just wrote one themselves and everybody was like "sure"

@zorotl isnt dantes inferno fanfic with assumed canonicity

@magicalmilly @a_lizard yeah, which is interesting because those are both works based on something that has a clear (lol not really but not getting into that rn) canon. like, the idea of being able to have this authoritative depiction of which any others are a second-class derivative is a distinction only granted to god himself.

@a_lizard @zorotl you notice those two authors we just mentioned are dead, right?

checkmate atheitstssss

@a_lizard @zorotl @magicalmilly I would legitimately watch/read something based on this premise

also it'd be a fanfic about fanfics, so meta points

@a_lizard @zorotl Not only that, it's a self-insert, modern AU crossover fic of the Aeneid and the Bible.

@zorotl yeah the concept of intellectual property really fucked with storytelling

Personally, I don't mind the idea of an official "canon" for a story, as a concept. I do, however, have a huge problem with the notion of only the copyright holder being allowed to create more based on that original work(thus, a problem with copyright itself).

Suffice to say, were it necessary to choose between "no canon" and "only canon", then i'll pick "no canon" without a second thought.

@zorotl I'll point out that Cervantes himself was pretty salty about the fics, and on book 2 he made the characters trash-talk them.

Which is kind of awesome as well.

@zorotl I think about this all the time! Copyright was invented in 1710💔 and copyright for software was invented in 1976💿

@zorotl me when I think about Arthurian legend and how people just made up their own characters to insert into the story with other characters and everybody just went with it

little bit of a tangent, but looking at unrelated legends, Merlin seems kind of on par with Dracula with how he'd just get put in, like "we need a mysterious wizard, how about Merlin?" "yeah sounds good, he's the one wizard everybody knows" (sidenote: the character predates Arthurian legend, so his introduction into it was fanfic/crossover from the start)

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