if neon genesis evangelion is so good how come there's no neon exodus evangelion

@zorotl Neon Leviticus through Deuteronomy Evangelions were real snoozefests but Neon Joshua Evangelion forward really kicks it into gear.

@LuigiEsq @zorotl Neon Song of Solomon Evangelion was just hentai

@zorotl ngl out of context that sounds like a pretty awesome name for a series about humanity becoming a spacefaring people

@zorotl "Neon Exodus Evangelion is a Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fic by the good people at Eyrie Productions Unlimited. It is an Alternate Continuity fic where Shinji, the Third Child, ran away after watching Eva-00's disastrous synchronization test, so they bring in the Fifth Child, the son of Lara Croft and Fox Mulder, Derek Joshua "DJ" Croft."

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