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i am the alien who made the hit song Blue (Da Ba Dee)

my favorite thing about guppy is that he’ll lead you to his cat tree, hop up in front of his food and then look at you until you pet him. only after you pet him will he eat.

it's done. 1 week to completely replace the entire game maker audio API and rewire the project. not bad

the combat is still janky as all hell but it's a lot better with a mouse and keyboard

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❌ dont send feet pics

✅ do send twinkling titanite

it's good to have one pug and one cat... so what if i had one pug and TWO cats?..

you know its hard out here for a simp
when youre trying to get this money so you can simp

@Em bringing this before the myasstodon council for your show trial

my beer warmer broke and now I’ve got to drink cold beers :/

this beer tastes like ass when it's warm and flat

what's a chad to a simp / what's a simp to a thot / what's a thot to a nonbeliever / who don't believe in / anything

I got so many layers on this house of cards and I just keep adding more! Building it pyramid style!

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I’m lucky to be on okay terms with my parents at the moment but that’s like a guy bragging about how big his house of cards is getting

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