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i am the alien who made the hit song Blue (Da Ba Dee)

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if you’re wondering who this is: ornstein and smough

i like runescape but i never recovered from the time that they did a lgbt event and the entire playerbase dressed up in klan uniforms and yelled slurs in every city

@georgespolitzer all the dislikes are people from masto who secretly resent hayley for being better than avril

What did Batman say to Robin before they got into the car? 

Get in the car.

so can we make invites on monads? how do you do that? just curious

i’m secretly just another zorotl alt

you think i care about the opinions of internet strangers??? yeah, well, i do!

alla y'all are on thin ice, I just ain't cancelled you yet because I stan your cats

when you think about it, it's weird that Google Maps doesn't mark fordable points along waterways, like from a long historical perspective. and also from my perspective, as someone whose primary mode of transport is walking who lives in wetlands

"it's too expensive to have kids" is a gigantic red flag of a fucked up system that a lot of people have accepted.

seeing that the cock-and-ballgame was almost lost, the coach brought in the team’s binch hitter

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