over the course of my technical work it has become clear to me that the distinction between technical and social skill is false. programs are tools to be used by other humans. if you know your way around code but people find you a pain to work with then you are useless. technical skill _proceeds_ from communication skill.

all of this is to say: I have disappeared to far up my own ass that I need a periscope to use modern dev tools. don't be like me.

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so the vscode neovim client works very well and I'm actually pretty impressed, although I haven't tried to do actual work with it yet. I've already been using a neovim GUI client for my primary editor so this isn't as big a leap as you'd think!

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I feel like having to disable all your existing neovim config is a sign that your neovim client might not be the best

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I am going to try using vscode as a neovim client, let's see how far up my own ass I can get here

Got my hands on Dragonruby engine in the itch bundle, it's like Love2D but with Ruby

Spent part of this week learning about the latest stuff in web dev and a lot of it seems to revolve around services hosting providers want you to buy

I should teach myself to build a compiler I guess

everyone on monads online is a profound thinker and esteemed scholar

finally spending a little time nerding out over my computer desktop environment like I did when I was a kid, it's mostly been pretty rewarding

me trying several new text editors for C99 dev and finally going back to vim

I used to think of building a compiler as sort of a stand-in for a CS education but that's probably not really true anymore

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I should teach myself to build a compiler I guess

me getting my coronavirus check which is exactly equivalent to my monthly rent

if i was a landlord whose tenants had organised a rent strike, i'd simply learn to code

broke: tom nook is a landlord

woke: by lending money without interest or a repayment schedule tom nook is observing mosaic law

The real reason I haven't been posting (eye contact) 

I taught Herc to read and he does not approve of what I've been posting

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