ffxiv is a terrifying game. don't try to fool me i saw the 50 page job manuals

People getting mad in public about remote work might be my new favorite thing

This is probably the person no one wants to be around at the office tho

I am gonna play the heck out of Mass Effect 2 this weekend

the fediverse economy is just trading feet pics for astrological readings

waking up with a sore neck, back, pussy and crack: lol guess i slept on it wrong

"if i dog wore pants would it wear them like this or like this" is an example of a juestion

joker to bat man im a naughty little clown. a naugty little catclown nyaaaa bat man are you gooing to punish me batman for being such a naughty little clown?? gonna spank me bat man for my tomfoolery???

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