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Me scrolling through the TL while coffee is in my system

bangs done nicely on purpose to look nice :levar_dislike:

bangs done fucked up on purpose to look bad :levar_like:

Mastodon apps: badge notification vewy hard 👉👈🥺


hate living in a fascist state where i can’t all nilly Willy walk into a gas station and buy candy and a wheat >:O


don’t eat the cake

don’t eat the cake

don’t eat the cake

i just dm'd myself 'shut the fuck up' and i want to publicly say that i will not be doing this, thank you

local admin managed a tiny bit of balcony time today to gothly celebrate the new instance


[me doubling down into my idiocy]

my friend: ur genius man wtf

me: 0.o

image description (I forgot lmfao) 

Walter white and Jesse out in the desert and he’s wearing a vampire outfit and he’s saying “yo mr white. Where’s your costume it’s freakin Halloween bitch”

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