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Me scrolling through the TL while coffee is in my system

I found this old zip up sweater that has a faux fur lining on the inside and wow this thing keeps me really warm. I don’t know how to act now

how come if cancel culture is real lena dunham is still around


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man high-key team rocket had cool Pokémon


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who was cooler?

Say what you will, but I do not want to treat these selfish people with equality post-pandemic, because they thought wearing a mask and getting a booboo from a shot wasn’t worth saving the lives of those at higher risk than themselves

My dream is to relentlessly bully these people IRL after the pandemic is over so I can just toss any garbage they say into the trash with “yeah but you literally didn’t believe science you fucking dumbass shut up”

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we need to like carve something into antivaxx/antimaskers foreheads like in inglorious basterds, so we can spot them after this all is over

Headaches mean you got smarter and your skull is making more room for the larger smarter brain

Post your Private/Incognito tabs ITT.

I go first, here’s mine:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up Tifa Lockhart getting her backwalls absolutely destroyed in Unreal Engine 4-esque lighting front of potentially thousands of viewers.


now that a full year has passed and there's time to reflect, October of 2020 into January of 2021 is truly one of the most absurdly hilarious sequences of political events we will see in a lifetime. that video of him gasping after walking up a huge flight of stairs never fails to cheer me up.

@yo what!? I'm not Italian, it can't affect me

every time yall talk about tifa my mind goes to anne tifa


great how this is an entire genre of news coverage at this point.

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