i wear a hat with a raccoon on it on the reg, and a full grown woman told me she liked my kitty hat

this is how you end up with "i took in this stray dog and i don't know why it's acting like this!" and it's a fucking coyote

@root @whiskers the llama one is one I've not seen before but I immediately love that the llama is just like "oh cool this pad is pretty sweet. I got a bath, I got hugs, this bed fuckin' rules, fuck it, I live here now, fuck being in a field, this human is chill as fuck."

@Nine @whiskers llamas are so smart and i love how she was so accepting and seemingly conveyed that she enjoyed it a lot lol like definitely never slept on a bed before and when she did she was like, yeah fuck it i can definitely get used to this no problem this is fantastic

@root @whiskers I'm laughing so much. Thank you, you two! :ablobcathappypaws:

But seriously, that coyote must have been actually super nice, then! You know, for an actual friggin coyote! I wanna say that to that lady so much! Arrrgg

@eloisa @whiskers we so rarely get to see reactions to the person learning it isn't a dog, but the llama one really has it all. just, "yeah i double checked, definitely a llama probably but she's still staying with me she likes me. oh and my house. in fact i can't get her to leave, so yeah!"

but yeah i really wanna see how people react to learning that coyotes or wolves (haven't even seen those in a lost dog escapade yet i don't think though!) are not dogs lol that has to have been interesting

@eloisa @root @whiskers
Omagh is in Northern Ireland, so it probably escaped from a zoo or something? So somewhat used to people up close. At least wild coyotes existing on Ireland would be news to me.

@Anke @eloisa @whiskers omg never even thought about the idea of zoo escapees ending up with people but that'd definitely make sense since they'd be used to sticking with handlers if a person was nearby in order to get food and care lol

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