remember if you're feeling useless among friends, you aren't because they should love that you're around regardless. your presence fills them with joy, don't forget

i can't wait to see my friends again in the winter


when i left california, i hung out with them one last time. this was december of 2020, and we cared enough about one another to be masked and keep distance.

we're vaccinated now so covid won't kill @kara and @swiff , my year contained hug and outdoor worker muscles will

"tragedy struck today as two best friends' bones were squeezed out of their bodies by their hug starved other best friend. the process must have been-- no wait, we're getting a report that another friend was attacked as well, a balding man in his thirties found, or should i say not found with his bones"

@whiskers @swiff you're going to hug me and snap my weak paper spine like a twig

@kara @swiff i'll get that vacant/shocked anime eye expression too

@whiskers @kara why do you think i became a farmhand, i'm training before the saiyans arrive to invert my whole spine, i'm hoping to at least have a krillin level performance by the time you get here

@kara @whiskers nah he did fine in the saiyan arc, in this analogy you and iruma would be yamchas

@kara @swiff let's give kara and iruma credit, they're much more respectable so they can be a tien and chiaotzu

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