kids, probably: wow those games look so shitty

me: well you gotta play them on a shitty tv and then it cancels itself out and looks good, actually

i'd love it if all those classic game rereleases had good crt filtering, like if the devs took the time to go "ok, let's try our best to make this appear as it did back in the day"

unfortunately most people don't care, so it's a tough request

i took this screenshot from this japanese twitter account, btw, a lot of crt/raw pixel comparisons

@whiskers it has kinda become its own aesthetic, in a sense

@whiskers like all those statues of greek and roman tradition that used to be painted in gawdy colors but that turned marble white in the neoclassical translation

@req ohhh that's a pretty apt comparison, and there are plenty of times when i look at raw pixels and think "y'know i actually like it this way more"

@whiskers and I think that's completely legit! it's just important to remember that pixel art as we know it today is a lot more recent than the thing it claims to be a continuation of

@req i should find polygonal comparisons sometime because i remember years and years ago plugging my n64 into an hdtv and going "wha--when--no no, it didn't look this shitty"

@whiskers i'm a fan of the spherical distortion effect that makes it look like you're playing the game on a crystal ball
yes the screen was curved, no it was nowhere near *that* curved

@whiskers @mehdorn I got a wet shitty tv from the junk six weeks ago. Then I went to rehab and now I can’t wait to get home in two days to test the dry shitty tv.

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