He will crush our skulls against his ripped abs and then drink our blood.

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Someday Mika will be a twunk and he will crush us all for picking on him

🚨 Indigenous medical emergency 🚨

Susan and her two children are all Indigenous Americans, with varying disabilities as well as all being autistic. Her elderly mother is also in her care. They’ve discovered they have very recently contracted bed bugs. This is a time sensitive issue that can get very costly and painful, fast. Her goal for the items she needs to treat her home is $75

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The outside of housing could be shit brown if they would soundproof the inside from other units. That's really all I need.

Who's the better murder puppet?

I just saw a post talking about how 14 year olds today look more mature, but honestly? In the 90s 14 year olds were going around in tight jeans, full makeup, push up bras and crop tops. Starting when I was 11 I had a lot of pressure on me to make myself presentable and sexy to straight dudes. It was disgusting.

I think whether or not you experience that pressure to look more mature is heavily based on class. I later met people in college who were still playing with Barbie when they were in 8th grade. They were from nicer schools in richer neighborhoods, so they got to remain kids instead of being pushed to grow up too soon.

you should send some money to paypal.me/joyeusenoelle so my internet mom can eat and afford food past this week c:


i don't personally want one but whenever people show up with a baby at a job im like HELLO NEW FRIEND

people tried to shame my sister for being excited and posting pictures of her baby "too much" when she *lost her previous pregnancy to a miscarriage in the third trimester*

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i still have some grump about how often i was threatened with unfollows when my nephew was born cause i was posting baby stuff

i cannot express how much i hate
"breeder" as an insult

hey folks? if you use "breeder" as a derogatory do not fucking talk to me ever

you can pry himbos out of my cold dead hands

Can someone tell this goblin he has to finish his dinner before he gets any desert

My cooter wash really didn't need to use the phrase "your little lady" but it sure did

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