the one worst thing d&d ever did was tie ability scores to races

like even putting aside the obvious eugenics, from a gameplay perspective, it makes "orc wizard" strictly worse than "elf wizard" and therefore heavily restricts the character customization because of the game's focus on building "useful" characters


i can fix d&d by just saying you get an extra +2 and a +1 wherever you want instead of whatever "racial ability score" bonuses the game says you get

@velexiraptor god i remember in AD&D the actual level you could advance to in a class was tied to your race and humans were the only ones who could go to 20

@velexiraptor @georgespolitzer there's actually just one dwarf and all players are playing the same dwarf

@velexiraptor yeah I'm glad they put out a character building errata that was like "hey you can just build characters by picking out ability scores now and this works this way for any race" in (iirc?) the most recent book

@velexiraptor wizards did finally get their shit together and release that as an option in an official sourcebook last year

@velexiraptor I always let people use any race stats and racial abilities with any character. wanna use the halfling stats and abilities on a super tall elf? go for it, slav squat behind a creature technically shorter than you, live your truth

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