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hey maybe don't follow me if you don't have pronouns in your bio

and i might not accept your follow request if we haven't interacted much

considering the history and class interests of both christianity and AI research, it turns out that pascal's wager and the utility monster are the exact same thought experiment

"when you said that Yugioh GX was objectively the best Yugioh series I was excpecting statistics and science [goes on for over a thousand additional words]"

*rubbing my hands together* oh boy, can't wait till this guy finds out about 'preferences'

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being a woman on the Internet and calling your opinion 'objectively correct' as a joke is always a good choice, because men will respond to you blasting sewer water directly out the ass mad about your 'misuse' of the word 'objective,' while making a much more profound category error by implying or outright asserting that there can be such a thing as an objective opinion

"objectivity" is an aesthetic, easily achieved by slapping statistics, science, Facts and Logic onto your judgment of which Yugioh series is the best. what do you mean "objectively the best" is 'intrinsically a joke'? firstable women don't tell jokes because they aren't funny, so jot that down,

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its like saying “we all supported the iraq war back then” whats all this “we” shit

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you know, theres people out there who say things like “it’s embarrassing to like eminem now, but back in the day he was really good!”. those people are fucking liars.

why do millennials love to reply to viral tweets with the most deep fried gifs youve ever seen just to get 2 likes

'encrypting the packet' is what tech people call a dick cage

i hate the term web 3.0 cause it implies that it's a sweeping new way to interact with the internet when it's really just a grift that'll fade out in in like, 5 years


[pausing while sucking the hair plugs out of elon musk's scalp] what do you mean the tunnel isn't working, dogecoin isn't good, and grimes left. what do you mean, china is way ahead of anything any of us is going to do on battery technology. what do you mean, there's no point/chance to "colonizing mars" especially at present. what do you mean, we went with high schoolers instead of AI for the truck fleets, what do you

"Remember! If you face sexual harrassment, leaving your job is never the right thing to do! We need to absorb you of as much labor as possible, and it's on you to make others aware of systemic issues in the workplace, pawn"

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on an unrelated note if anyone knows about a widely available platform i can share rpg gridmaps on without getting a fucking aneurysm, please do let me know

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Hello I'm a victim of Havana syndrome. I'm Havana tummy ache and also I'm sleepy. Please send government money

Please this is serious. I can hardly get out of bed. That's unrelated but still

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