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hey maybe don't follow me if you don't have pronouns in your bio

and i might not accept your follow request if we haven't interacted much

in the worst human voice imaginable and also people on here probably believe this one 

stealing people who had a girlhood valor by playing all those Nancy drew games

economists believe that if the price of fuel goes down 20% your commute gets 25% longer

im gonna make the ultimate fedi user. they're a white french-german trans furry on a pleroma instance who used to be on snouts. they harbor a grudge against monads and myasstodon. they have their distro in bio and the only things they talk about are uncwed kink RP and linux.

funny just how much art from the United States in the past ~60 years was about consciously or subconsciously how the white flight to the suburbs eroded any sense of community and belonging in the country, and then people were like
huh. better not think about that too much

I am 9 months pregnant and could go at any time, my family just now managed to raise what we needed and get approved for housing! Move in is Tuesday, but we still need to find $500 for utility deposits before we’re allowed in and a truck to get our crap to the home!

Thank y’all so much for getting us this far, we’re so close! It’s a great area for my wife to find work :)

$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine

you know, the big banana. the magnum pear. the damn large durian. no city like it!

the Elite want you to think degenerate forms such as abstract art and foreign movies are good. this is a normal belief with no fascist implications whatsoever!

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very sad that people's learned helplessness with art gets systematically reified as a point of fabricated class identity. uncritically accepting the reactionary notion that class is purely cultural in order to justify prejudice towards unfamiliar artistic forms

@umalkosh i saw a post on tumblr the other day asking gay men and butches what their inspirations of masculinity were and they all overwhelmingly said each other

programming is the same way, dorks have convinced themselves that it's a scientific pursuit but there are a million ways to structure a valid program and most of the arguments for one way over another are purely aesthetic choices. even the "engineering" arguments mostly boil down to the fact that it's easier to think about and extend or modify a structure that is more aesthetical

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basically all the problems with mathematical logic go away when you accept that it's an aesthetic pursuit rather than a search for absolute truth

nerds will cope by saying that a program had to conform to logical rules and standards of correctness but like... have you ever heard of architecture my good bitch

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I think they should break Peterson's hands permanently and then remove his vocal cords so he can no longer practice psychiatry or convert anyone else to fascism.

I don't know how you people need to break from liberalism but stop thinking there's massive differences between blue states and red states ans everyone in red states is bad because the Democrats abandoned us decades ago with the southern strategy lol

Kano is just a guy being "dudes," in, like, the same way lesbians talk about being "girls"

it'll be a little bit like queer eye and a little bit like diners drive ins and dives where i am the guy fieri enthusiastically sampling the wares of ulta and ross

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the reason i am strongly and loudly anti france is because france is idealized in the anglosphere. Va te faire foutre, bouffon

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