“no white after labour day” means no wytppl after labour day,

boost if you agree

meeting a cute girl when your pickaxes clang against each other from opposite sides of the shelves

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going down to the sublevels of Robarts library to mine GPA from the stacks

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what are the magic words i need to use to activate the sleeper agent protocols in whichever university functionary reads the application so they let me into the secret back room where they keep all the grades

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wait this is the smart people instance, whomst here knows how to write a cover letter for a university work study position

Telling people to read French post-structuralist authors whenever they ask me what the fuck I mean by anything I say

actually sectarian for a spell 

the most common online ml criticism of ancoms is that anarchists have managed less successful revolutions. the most common online ancom criticisms of mls are 'it's bad when people tell you do things' and straight-up victims of communism-ing about how many people stalin killed

also i have seen 'anarkiddy' used unironically like 3 times, whereas 'tankie' gets thrown around like it gets you tax benefits

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liberal doctors asking if you voted and if you don't they turn you away because they don't want to dirty their hands treating a russian spy

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liberals going around knocking on doors after trump wins the election and asking you if you voted, if you didn't they start a petition to get your healthcare removed and internet cut off so their tax dollars don't go to russian agents

i have my own problems, i can't take on the burdens of an entire cohort of newly-minted trans girls who spend 80% of their waking hours on r/traaa

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i used to do this on discord but unintentionally

im never gonna try to exist around hatchlings again

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im going to go into being a free therapist for people on mastodon, please dm me all your problems and i will spend all my time solving them

i want to believe there's more going on here that i'm just not in on, instead of it just not being that deep and it being hopeless

oh, this is how ppl get into conspiracy theories,

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it is a more comforting thought to imagine that we're all actually bastard capitalists larping and grifting each other than it is to imagine we're all well-intentioned and squandering all of this

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