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only accepting follow requests if we interact or you're following me back. i will block your entire instance, don't test me.

if you want to follow me because i made a political post you agree with, don't.

i'm not your therapist, friend, or crush.

don't call me cute.

i sadpost a lot. don't try to fix me. sympathy is okay.

don't tell me how to cope with my adhd unless you have it too. don't tell me to practice mindfulness or meditate, neither of those work for me.

i simply warp spacetime around me to retroactively make everyone i know nonbinary and give them adhd

"I will take you under my wing and teach you how not to look so gay, completely from scratch, because I know you can't do makeup or dress yourself or else you wouldn't look so gay"

no thank you no thank you no thank you no th

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(no its not a ship name, if you ship them you combust instantly)

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@rigatonimonster are you even a real morgsvrldhead if you can't tell them apart by vibes alone

snapping my past in two and throwing it like javelins into the windows of my old high school

incredibly long video essays with a mediocre grasp of criticism and material are still better than review shows that have their own metaplot

what if they made a stealth game that actually wanted you to play it

dishonored gives you like 8 lethal weapons and one nonlethal. if you want to do the good ending you have exactly two tools to get it

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"What if... Time... Wasn't like, a fixed thing... Except also it was..." Damn. Mind blown.

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"The living alien device! It's breaking down reality and narrative structure! Bet you've never seen something like this before!" Mm-hmm, right...

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ah yes

this seems like a sustainable state of affairs

I sure am glad that the incoming president has concrete plans to address rent/mortgage payments under Covid

*touches earpiece*

ah, my mistake, he does not

secretly hating people you're in a relationship with: bad and for straights

being in a relationship with people you openly hate: epic and poggers

i havent watched the office enough to know if it's as racist and transphobic as 30 rock gets and i dont think i can subject myself to watching it to find out

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30 rock is girlboss office and enjoyed by exactly the same people for the exact same insufferable reasons

uhhh ethics. seems pretty easy. don't do bad things. try to do good things. always suck cops off. there, solved it

for people who are taking/have taken exogenous testosterone:

were you told it would/might make you more aggressive or coconfrontational, and did it?

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