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hey maybe don't follow me if you don't have pronouns in your bio

and i might not accept your follow request if we haven't interacted much

like yeah idk maybe there’s more “mainstream acceptance of transness” in parts of the world but it seems to me like it’s still really just some specific flavours of transness that are being accepted

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hot take maybe but I’m tired: so many perspectives on gender and transness published in big publications are so samey, like idk so many people interviewed in newspaper articles on transness etc seem to have the same sort of gender/relationship to transness/etc. somehow

frustrating bc I see so much more variety in real people I know

maybe they tend to select for gender/expression that’s palatable to largely cishet audiences?

bonus round, since people were saying nice things about the outfit 💖

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it's easy to forget wikipedia is overrun by neoconservative incels, and then you look up massage terms and are harshly reminded.

a drone piloted by smolbean dot club caught this aerial shot of the monads mansion just before being shot down...

if we assume that jesus got all of his human genetic material from mary, then the only conclusion we can draw is that mary was a trans women and god gave her the first neo-vagina

so thankful that i was given the opportunity to say "why are you fucking soup at the clothes store?"

Get back to me when the bunny boy sliders let you recreate Big Chungus

re: me @ a reading im getting infuriated by 

stop telling ppl that we need to fuck men to be sexually liberated

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re: me @ a reading im getting infuriated by 

very much a "queer is an inherently more progressive label than lesbian so stop being a lesbian and start being queer" kind of paper

also it doesnt give me the points i thought i would need for this paper im writing

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re: me @ a reading im getting infuriated by 

its not that they say we can't

it's that they utterly ignore our existence

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re: me @ a reading im getting infuriated by 

queerness is a thing that troubles categories, which apparently is something that ppl who were amab cannot possibly do, i guess

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me @ a reading im getting infuriated by 

ugh, plz, just say "queerness is the thing that trans women are on the outside of looking in" and go away

introducing MANMARIES

they're like MAMMARIES

but for MEN

Happy #JuneTeenth2021 Sovereign Hawaii was the actual end of the Underground Railroad, where we granted full citizenship for Black & Asians while Canada maintained segregation, brutalized Chinese rail workers, and committed genocide in its schools.

mass effect, screenreader unfriendly 


I’m gonna make my #Juneteenth take: while it has been made a federal holiday by law, Black people are still being disproportionately affected by COVID-19, jailed, attacked by police and unemployed.

Just because a holiday has been made, doesn’t mean the fight is over. And its not just in America.

Biden canceling 0.1% of student debt or donating 0.01% of needed vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago, acting like he's fixing everything.

the mushroom pages have no idea what us real enthusiasts want. we want to see BIG hyphae, NO bullshit, and we COULDN'T CARE LESS about fruiting bodies

thinking about using some kind of a mysterious force from another dimension or a mutagenic alien virus or whatever to give my four top lieutenants unique special powers... anyone tried this yet

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