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if you respond to my sadposts by trying to one-up me with your own shit just make your own goddamn post im not here to have a dickwaving contest about how depressed we can be

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hey maybe don't follow me if you don't have pronouns in your bio

and i might not accept your follow request if we haven't interacted much

Nobody has ever shoplifted food and if you thought you saw someone doing it one time you were wrong and you definitely did not

i don't think i've witnessed any more satisfying self-own before or since

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i often think about that one guy on here who was being so pretentious that he ended up saying "you clearly haven't even read Siddon"

Do…, do y’all remember when i was going off about christian witches the other day? Because

space force 

liberals are confused. "Space force still? we got rid of Trump! Why are we still doing this?" Because the national security blob grows and spreads regardless of who is president

the delicious irony: creators of industrial language models are now worried about no longer being able to use the web as their "commons" (i.e. other people's labor that they appropriate and commercialize) because their own outputs are "polluting" it (via

not content with creating a never ending garbage outputting engine, machine learning researchers are now creating an ouroboros of garbage

Show thread is not investment capital the true humanity, and therefore the most deserving of human rights?

So that chinese real estate company that's turned out to have large enough debts to make investors piss their pants, is there a compelling reason to think that their bankruptcy will affect literally anyone who isn't rich enough to be a property speculator?

"which way are you transitioning" oh well I'm taking the scenic route

There's a CDC ad campaign running on TV trying to promote vaccine awareness and getting people to get the fucking shot and their tagline as "It's Up To You" and I see what they are TRYING to say with that, but honestly given the current climate it feels very irresponsible to use that phrase

why wasn't i a game developer in 2009 so i could release a dog shit co-op zombie shooter game on steam for 10 dollars and sell 3 million copies

i guess machine learning researchers are complaining that machine generated content is throwing off their training corpus and i'm laughing my ass off

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