PSA! Got an email in my school address from a recruitment center and it was funny to fuck with them this time... but usually its a really depressing and upsetting thing, especially if im already struggling or feeling bad so PLEASE IF ANYONE HERE IS A PARENT, I actually have the "J.A.M.R.S. Opt-Out form" (JAMRS is the "aggressively market and reach out to children and youth to join the military" branch of the DoD) The form is very simple and short but it has been largely scrubbed from the internet. It protects kids/minors all the way through college from being contacted by the military etc. Don't assume your kid won't mind it and can just deal with it. It's the only thing that will keep them from getting creeper shit like this so PLEASE contact me if you want the form or if you know parents. Must be submitted before the kid is 18.
I really really wish I had this protection please consider it.
info about jamrs from the new york branch of the ACLU in case ur wondering about it.
also if you are over 15, you can fill out the form yourself.

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