what are some nicer but still cool body jewelery sites? lookin for conch, septum, and lip ring updates. mine are giving out

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What if we put The Joker's head on top of Beavis' body! 

It'd look something... like this!

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just kidding im pretty sure i did better on this exam than the maximum points can properly reflect

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I鈥檓 reading/ analyzing a study about iliotibial band (IT band) injuries caused by uneven BOG position which stands for Base of Gait but I have been doing homework all day so I read it as Ace of Base or as Ace of Spades

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How long til they make an energy drink with nicotine in it?

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dnd character idea: clout-farmer turned cloud-buster

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@tyl Well, here's the legal page: dreamscarred.com/product/blood I've heard that dreamscarred press has been incommunicado for years now, and I think I heard of some people having issues buying things on the site, I'm not sure. Can't help you beyond this, I'm afraid, but if you look around I'm sure you can figure things out. :/

can't believe umbridge sent all those dementors to try to suck off harry potter

i am highly suspect of anyone that asserts total confidence in accurately reading a 12 lead ekg

my biggest flaw? hmm it's that i care too much (about my horrible skin) and i work too hard (taking care of my horrible skin)

im a slut for DM rage so my last dnd character was named Sigrid Sequin Secret Eaglet

ripping the pin out of my pronouns and throwing them over an embankment

anime seems to basically have only 3 options for the age of their key characters:
-unsettlingly portrayed teenager
-person old enough to be the parent of the unsettlingly portrayed teenager
- powerful but cartoonishly old weirdo

dnd stuff should have more half/half characters n stuff, but leave humans the hell out of it entirely

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