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i made an account called @truckworks for mostly posting pictures of my homework and thinking about what books mean. it's basically spam, so follow if you'd like but it's just me posting for myself basically so i remember to do stuff.

Lingering headache, massive amounts of coffee bought, stomach near empty. Im gonna clean like a fucking 4ornado todayu

Effectively gonna toss a coin for my life in fallen london

If you go too deep into the gendered occult stuff you will find yourself drinking piss or cum in your robes eventually

I wont put csgo on the list because its not an esport but technically part of track&field

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Some esports are literally harder than others. Dota is harder than lol, starcraft is harder than dota

Longdong is so dangerous they can catch rats at 100% chance of success



they're right in calling badiucao "the chinese banksy" because he too, sucks ass

Lol at the gonzalo thread replies. You don't know the answer to the question and by god you refuse to find out

Please add user "fallenlongdong" on

Hoyl shit someone left a copy of being and event on the book swap self, gonna have to bring something good to replace this

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