college degrees are NFTs you can't even resell to try to make back some of your investment

the only diff between me being a freelancing dropout and me if i had gone to college for art is that i don't have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt looming over my head that can't be discharged via bankruptcy

now, do not think that i'm against education. i'm not. education is great. learning and applying what you learn to life in whatever way possible is fantastic and i highly endorse that.

college, at least the way that it's set up in the US, is a fucking scam

i used to feel ashamed of being a dropout. and of never going to college. then i realized the jobs i've done since high school are also done by people who've been through college, and i realized how fucked up this system is and that i managed to dodge a very large, expensive bullet


@extinct went all the way up and my only options are giving up 120 hours of my week for fools gold, or being a broke bitch

you missed nothing, you can learn more outside of school, it's just tiered socialization to keep the pyramid schemes running

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