Ladies, is your man:
- a feral cat
- fly as hell
- a baller (let's his nuts hang)

Then it's not your man, that's... Either the cat I rescued or flowless. Check your mom's contacts list to confirm which it is.

cat update

his name is Prince Umbra Pumpernickel Fluffybutt (Umbra for short), and he is my baby, he's super chill and just wants to climb on you, cuddle, and love constantly

cat update, heavy, death 

the earliest vet appointment we could get was next week, but this weekend he started showing signs of deteriorating... we took him to the ER today after begging for financial assistance to afford it... which confirmed he had bites as well as FIV, meaning even after all the wound care I did, even with antibiotics, his life was going to be full of pain no matter how early we brought him into the ER

he had a few good weeks with us, probably the only time of his life with love and care... I'm kicking myself for not doing more sooner, but this was one of the hardest lessons I needed to learn

my mom taught me all the wrong things, kept sick animals alive and suffering for 10k+ in expenses, at the cost of our own financial agency and safety... The way he looked at me when I held him, he was crying begging for release, how could I deny him that for my own selfishness

the right decisions usually hurt, don't hold on when it just makes things worse, be a good mom


Narrator: Soon Glitch would discover that she was the one being rescued that day.

@Mrfunkedude oh no totally it's already happening 😭 I never had a pet imprint on me primarily as a child, it's giving me a lot of maternal feels. Hoping the vet visit goes well and that I got any fleas washed and medicated off.

@sins they don't respond to anything, I've been calling him umbra

@transclosure i feel it’s a very fitting name. they will get it eventually! :)

@transclosure that cat looks like it's been waiting a few hundred years for a virgin to light a candle.

#hocuspocus #adorbz

cat update, heavy, death 

@transclosure you made the right call, i'm sorry for how things shook out and hope you do alright moving forward

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