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I am having WAY too much fun with velocity and modulation, though I'm super glad I spent a year learning piano with a broken old casio with nothing special

really trying to let go of the shapes that got me started and just feel the music out

starting with simpler loops until i understand how to layer and arrange pieces, since ive really only done solo piano play before this

i did hours of cutting and pasting to make this little song, when really all i did was move the record needle

there has to be a better way to define a DAW language


okay, im pretty proud of this arrangement of today's melody

music loop 

my project over the weekend that changed drastically, but i like where it's going... hoping to have the confidence to return to this after all the scrapping that happened

music loops 

the arrangement isn't great on this compared to my last video, but i think the production and mixing is a lot better

music loops 

okay, so honestly, all 3 previous ableton videos-- now called dawn, dusk, noct (respectively)-- are going to be tracks... and this is the start of the fourth... no more WIPs lol, im gonna finish these a swear


this is the closest im gonna get so, here's my first official track**: dawn

(**october's pain doe project is gonna be a music game, hopefully)


(im rly proud of this pls boost and give me love)


pushed this as far as i can stand to, hope you like it


finishing that last track helped me nail down a process for the next phase of my growth. sketched this in an hour or so tonight. it feels good to be able to just put something down and be kinda happy with it.


filled out the sketch more, liking where this is going!


i new sketched out song, idk where this came from, i even used my voice a lil bit


probably the most finished thing ive done so far... definitely going to keep working on this


cranked this out in 4 hours this morning, really proud of my progress


i learned how to eq things and damn did that make everything sound better

got sent a transphobic monty python meme by a friend and instead of crying and doing drugs a made a little ambient thing go me

okay so everyone seems to *really* like my ambient tracks, so I made a wakeup one to compliment the previous sleepy one

trying to bring what i learned on those ambient tracks into something a little more upbeat

my sound design skills are lacking, so just more practice making spaces that hopefully sound like something you'd hear on the radio

no more leaning on compression, just eq and effects. trying to understand semi/tri-tones as well

trying to get more grooves going instead of just one thing for the whole song

this is the second demo of mine (first being where i feel like i was able to just flow through my process, barely tweaking the live recordings, and making something im proud of. really happy to be here with music, it is such a good outlet.


haven't really been in a good place lately, but im trying to get better at composition

Don't know shit about audio engineering like me? Just put your fucking microphone up to the speaker and vocode it. Handheld 3d filter instrument.

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