yooo I've been in such a good headspace since joining masto I took all those vibes and put it into 8 miles and some dancing on derby skates

@transclosure i dont know you but i want to be your FRIEND this video made me smile so much

@swirlz fair warning this is like, my brightest side. I'm a huge weirdo but I do my best to work on and take responsibility for my darkness 🙃🥰

@transclosure this reply just makes makes me think we have an even better chance of getting along 😂 got the term morbid sweetie in my bio for a reason bahaha

@transclosure that overbalance/rebalance at :13... :chick_chefkiss: tricking people into thinking I'm gonna fall over is my favorite dance move but if I was on skates I would for sure on purpose accidentally actually fall on my ass

@byttyrs okay so, inside info, I'm on big goofy outdoor wheels which are wider than derby wheels which are wider than dance wheels and also these skates are super worn out, so using my heels without start of day core strength equals whoopsies I try to play off as cool. falling constantly as a dance style has some benefits

@transclosure nice nice nice. i love dancing and love skating--why am i not also doing this? i'd need to buy some skates i suppose.

@seyerian Mine are breaking and it's gonna cost so much to get new ones but this is basically my life now so it's worth it. I hope you skate it's so much fun! there's lots of used stuff on FB if you're looking rn 🥰

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