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yooo I've been in such a good headspace since joining masto I took all those vibes and put it into 8 miles and some dancing on derby skates

friendship ended with sine wave bass, square wave bass is my new best friend

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spacey bimbo explains his strongly held beliefs about mathematical finitism [ASMR] (9:41)

this country would be a million times better for everyone if Black and Indigenous people had power, it would even be better for the rich whities because none of them are actually happy with their blood money anyway

this is NOT a good piano cover but it was very fun to sing. i had to turn the air conditioning off to film this and i got so fucking sweaty
🎶[dashboard confessional - vindicated] 🎶

retreating to a cave for 6 years to emerge with a new elementary mathematics curriculum that presents egyptian arithmetic, babylonian geometrical algebra, greek proportionality and chinese systems of linear equations

ah yes a research paper we're building off of uses the widely known 'drone surveillance' evaluation example yes definitely makes me motivated to work much needed technological advancement to benefit humanity

if you or a loved one have ever been convinced that we live in a clockwork universe with well-ordered, deterministic, neatly understandable rules, you may be entitled to compensation

I just used some pseudo-LaTeX syntax in a shit post someone please take my phone away

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useful AI app idea: know when I'm sleep deprived so I'm forbidden to post things like

`real peninsula hours, brought to you by Carlsbad Jr™'

i've been trying to find out if there's a word that represents "a peninsula that ends in an archipelago chain" and i'm really surprised that there doesn't seem to be one

how do I advertise an alt I don't necessarily want publicly linked to my main 🤔 like a few people knowing is fine but I don't want to hard doxx myself here

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How butch is this gal? I moved all this into a dumpster uphill in under two hours.

ok i should probably stop posting about how stupid and bad our society is and try to do some work

primitivism is strasserism for anarchists don't @ me

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