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You stand accused of authoritarianism. A shower was even found in your very home! How do you plead?

lmfao at monads being furry life online's first suspension . it really is snouts 2

annie are you oakley
are you oakley
are you oakley annie


bagel w vegan cream cheese, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. sounds weird af but its so good

Horseshoe theory but it's just a toilet seat with Tushy Bidets on the Left and InfoWars Tactical Taint Wipes on the Right

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Time to cancel the sickos who bathe daily. First on the list, the Indus Valley Civilization, who were so overrun by tankies that they actually developed elaborate drainage and plumbing systems. Authoritarian, the lot of you. Cancelled. Cancelled, cancelled, cancelled.

Hey fellas is it authoritarian to wipe your own ass?

the doctor looks at the ultrasound and tells us that we're going to have the type of guy who thinks it's gay to wipe your ass

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Looks like some anarchists forgot about my personal brand of authoritarian left: Muskism Leninism

I only salute REAL heroes, like the bubblebutt thundersluts amongst us

if esvrld wanted to destroy me in 5 posts or less all xe would have to do is write four long posts in a row, which i would uncritically boost, and then write a fifth that insinuated that by engaging with the previous four that i was dumb and had fallen into a trap


I got Jess a job with me. Which means it pays above minimum wage and isn't delivery!

anyways, she just got the job, so she won't be getting a paycheck before rent is in.

And well, besides me, there's also her spouse London, and their child I love more than anything, Lucille.

If anyone could help them out, that would be amazing

for me, and for her.

Thank you <3

@londonshine for venmo (0309 if prompted)

$glamorshark for cashapp

@transclosure yeah let me just [cuts open a bird to read its entrails] hmm… yes. I have no idea

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