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anyways it's baz / basile / @woomy

I originally wanted to use this as a "smart alt" but I couldn't really keep that up, so this is just a secondary account. hi

i love doing white genocide at my work at the sperm bank by pouring out all the white sperm and substituting it with shipments of immigrant sharia law sperm from the antifa dicksucking factory

Mads: it's just frustrating, it's CLEARLY queer-baiting and it's such a capitalist nightmare
Me: yes mads bu-
Mads: I mean, is nothing sacred anymore? Does global capital need to extract every ounce of culture from every corner of society? Is there anything that they won't do for a quick buck?
Me: listen I'm sorry th-
Mads: and even if you think it's """not that deep""" it's at the VERY least false advertising, it's immoral
Me: I'm sorry build-a-bear workshop wasn't what you expected

pulling out my RGB jockstrap for today’s gaming session, ladx. Safety first.

"gender is biological." "gender is a social construct." "gender is performance." shhh. gender is a game, and I'm winning

A friend of mine is a Navajo trans woman who's trying to help her 100 year old grandfather afford a hearing aid so he can talk with his family again – boosts & shares good, every little bit helps 🙏💕

"rearrange my guts" but in the IBS (Internal Bowel Shitting) way instead of the IBS (I Bottom Spectacularly) way

frontline workers should never have to suffer again.

Good to know white leftists who sent gab memes to a brown dude have officially agreed it is not racist, and indeed, that it is absurd to even think it is racist.

Filing this alongside "white leftists rewording 'playing the race card' into 'hiding behind ethnic identities' because they still harbor all the same racist beliefs of their parents but really dislike their mom and dad"

these tweets are 100% true and I've had to deprogram myself of that shit

i really don't understand the "i had to walk uphill both ways" mentality. like when i hear that so many more teens are openly queer im just glad that they don't have to go through the shit the same way

every time i see someone making 'the leftist case against cancel culture' i edge one step closer to thinking the greatest hope for leftist politics lies in resurrecting stalin

the U.S. government is my fucked-up little paypiggie. the U.S. government is addicted to sending me checks

it honestly really gets under my skin that there's an instance with almost 6000 users named fucking and no one bats an eye. lovecraft was and out and avowed white supremacist. "cosmic horror" was his way of representing his racial animus of how deeply he feared race mixing. as a product of race mixing, i take this one personally. it's incredibly fucked up how many people on that instance act like they're the arbiters of all antiracism discussions because , like, you couldn't even not pick an instance that isn't an homage to a nazi.

THIS FRIDAY (April 16th, 2021!) at 8 pm EST i will be streaming more isaac: repentance. since last week i've gotten more of a feel for bethany. gonna go for more unlocks with her! maybe work up the courage to do the alternative path now that i have more of a handle on what you need to progress. !


tucking my ass into my pussy, "for safekeeping"

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