the Kinsey scale, except it's for scoring how many foods a person believes shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator.

back on my bullshit (installing font ligatures)


found a bona fide hole in the wall bagel place near my job, run by a 6'3" new york man,, got myself an everything bagel with lox and i am Living My Truth

love how the US and NATO insist on their right to launch an unprovoked nuclear strike

unlike China and India who have pledged to never use nuclear weapons unless first attacked using said weapons

Finished sanding my custom skateboard and it's now up for sale on Etsy! The art is coated in resin to protect from moisture and light damage (no guarantees if you plan to shred hard though)

Aquí está Duo!

[Duolingo owl axes through locked door like in The Shining]

"The NFT art market has a 'mind-blowing' fraud problem" wow literally nobody couldve seen this coming. who knew that a scam run by dipshit techbro grifters would be rife with fraud. im truly astonished

Hey if the apocalypse goes down and any of you become eccentric wasteland warlords, I'd be more than happy to put on a weirdly archaic suit of armor and stand behind and slightly to the right of your throne holding a polearm, so as to add character to establishing camera panning shots of your palace. Just my way of contributing, y'know? Pitching in for the community.

Somebody who has no idea what the internal anatomy of a vagina is like and essentially thinks it's like the innards of a sock: It's easier to make a hole than build a pole!

"water boarding couldnt have gotten this outta me" is a line i think about pretty often and it's come back to me today

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