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anyways it's baz / basile / @woomy

I originally wanted to use this as a "smart alt" but I couldn't really keep that up, so this is just a secondary account. hi

I'm worried someday I'm gonna snap and become some kinda templeOS prophet

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gonna piss on my lawn to get me kicked out of the timeline homeowners association

islamic golden age scholars trading with india and incorporating the number zero into their mathematical research? cultural appropriation. if you have ever used the number zero you are cancelled

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late night selfie 

i am the big hair haver

on mastodon, if your post blows up you don't ask people to follow your soundcloud. instead, you ask people to follow your poundcloud, which is a site focusing on final fantasy erotica

one of the math cranks in this book also wrote letters containing statements like "america is controlled by a type of superwealthy human who values nothing but maximizing wealth at the expense of all other known human values to the point that they constitute a unique variety of human" and i was like you know what this guy is on to something actually

wanna work on website. also wanna throw myself into a pit. hmm :thonking:

put my old elekk header on here since the one I had didn't make sense to anyone but me and was mostly placeholder anyways

I started using this account more regularly in order to be confused more by people's posts. yes that includes the philosophy posting AND the ffxiv posting

fellas is it gay to have skin? because every square inch of me cries out to be touched and I can't bear it I can't bear it I can't bear it, touch me bro

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Using Dorian Electra’s Gentleman as my wake up alarm

glizzy eye contact, also human eye contact 

Glizzy Filter 🌭🌭

don't think I've read a book in full in literally five years.... hm

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