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New gf is very cool and awesome but my heart has a fucking railway spike stuck through it

I think God would be well within his rights to kill me whenever

Hate to see it... the commodification of Catholicism

I may have done some atrocious shit but God destroyed Job's home and killed all his children.

I need to become better at being mean to men. My future might depend on it.

Crawling through the mud & undergrowth w/ a dagger between my teeth for pure recreation

Why don't you email your own dad, huh? I bet he's dying to hear from his kids!!

If you don't try to get all the monsters on your side in D&D, you aren't playing the game correctly

Damn! These bitches thirsty for my platonic time and attention.

Love poem: when my heart does not in flames beat / and shakes off the ash of its insane heat / I think of you.

Just remembered that I used to be attending academic conferences and grabbing coffee w/ the vice dean while dating a teenager who lived with his parents and worked nights at a grocery store. I have already done this.

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I gotta build a cool life for myself so I can be the cool girlfriend of just some guy in 3 years' time

How many Psyker are sacrificed each day to keep the machine of the esvrld brand alive?

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