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Material culture has got to be some of the coolest shit

Not trapped. More like lacking the energy to escape.

I really wanna give up but I don't know what that would even mean these days

I'm doing qigong and it makes me feel so good even though I'm bad at it

I would like to thank the butches for being instrumental in all the strides I've made

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The degree to which I've glow'd up in the last year-ish is staggering.

The intensity, duration, and variety of negative emotions I've experienced in the last 3 months is truly staggering and I don't know why I've put up with it.

Describing myself as a femboy could be an effective marketing strategy, I must admit.

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The existence of god is registered in the body, which is why I look like a femboy

Imagining a jesus christ, son of god, messiah, redeemer, etc. but he just tells me to be more independent and care less about what other people think and in fact pushes me away when I try to partake of his flesh and blood

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