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it’s a beautiful day to decriminalize sex work

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it’s a beautiful day to give trans people money

hi i miss you and i really dislike my self isolation tactics

the union asked me to be a delegate for the department I’m in bc I’m the only one who shows up for union meetings.. I try to drag comrades there but it’s much harder to do that virtually.

I feel conflicted abt it bc like yeah unions are important we know this but I’ve also seen my union do some really fucked up silencing shit to members and idk if I wanna be a part of it. alternatively I could be someone who actually listens and advocates and doesn’t silence.

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i just realized that autism awareness month starts on a day when you have to constantly use ✨ social cues ✨ to guess if something is true or a joke

this world is so mean

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7 Tips to Help You Observe Trans Day of Visibility

  1. Set out a plate of hormones tonight

  2. Learn to code; complain that you hate computers

  3. Y E A R N

  4. Do something illegal (cool) but not illegal (uncool)

  5. [redacted]

  6. Wear a thrifted outfit that makes others say "what the fuck"

  7. Get mad at a anime because of how much u love it

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i think all trans people should be showered in gifts and praise

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Joe Biden has been president for 65 days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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friendly reminder that if you celebrate passover (the celebration of jew's freedom from egypt) without also discussing at your sedar how israel and jewish zionists are oppressing and committing violence against palestine.. you're not actually celebrating freedom and liberation, you're celebrating white supremacy and hierarchy that works in your favor.

enjoy passover today and fuck zionism everyday!

Happy 💉 passover 🐸 in 🐛this 🐝time of 🐷 plague 🤢 at least ❄ Jews 🦗can still ⚫ be 😵 dramatic!

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So @unicornriot has been served a subpoena by Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. They're never going to reveal their sources or footage, but they need $4K to fight it!

today an almost 16 year old explained the tiktok algorithm to me and I was like wow I’m a millennial but I want you to have all the space in the world plz continue

instead how about stimmies for Black people every day as reparations from the state until it’s fully drained and demolished

anyone else feel like it’s rly hard to talk to people who are like emotionally okay

pandemic, racism 

sorry not sorry but as an antizionist jew in a community w Hasidic Jews that is predominantly Black I have found it to be true that exposing my deep cleavage is helpful for keeping the unmasked jews away from me

the unmasked behavior is racism

fuck ijm on intake tomorrow and it's the worst day of the month in which i don't actually get to take in a lovely top

🎶​ oops i.. didn't do laundry again
no socks, good thing i go commando 🎶​

need slime n shoulders for my slug he's so dusty

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