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so for christmas, because I am poor, I usually get people a food item, like brownies or cookies or something like that. This year, I want to make everyone manouche of some sort (most likely with zaatar as it can be stored the longest), but I know that they'll just enjoy a sweet of some sort better. It really sucks cause I want to give people something they may not have tried before and don't know how to make, and something that comes from our heritage, but I also don't want them to hate what I get them and for them to not eat it.

re: food, christmas planning stuff 

I guess my biggest thing is like, if I'm going to make them a manouche of some sort, it will require actual effort on my part, where I can get the same, if not more appreciation from just making them brownies from a mix. I'm trying to strike a balance between the two so I don't go absolutely nuts during christmas this year, and I just feel like my effort will go unnoticed if I make my own bread dish.


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told my mom my idea and she laughed at it, so fuck me I guess

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