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please dm or @ me before follow requesting, thanks

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hello, it's me, penny from rad town. If I followed you previously but didn't on here, it's most likely cause I didn't see your name in the migrated followers, or I didn't recognize it, sorry :blobcat_pleading:

why do people migrate to monads and then post epic shit???

making a monster killing machine in minecraft and showing how it works like I'm Will Graham, "they fall here and are pulverized by pistons.... this is my design"

re: food, christmas planning stuff, mental health - 

told my mom my idea and she laughed at it, so fuck me I guess

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re: food, christmas planning stuff 

I guess my biggest thing is like, if I'm going to make them a manouche of some sort, it will require actual effort on my part, where I can get the same, if not more appreciation from just making them brownies from a mix. I'm trying to strike a balance between the two so I don't go absolutely nuts during christmas this year, and I just feel like my effort will go unnoticed if I make my own bread dish.

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food, christmas planning stuff 

so for christmas, because I am poor, I usually get people a food item, like brownies or cookies or something like that. This year, I want to make everyone manouche of some sort (most likely with zaatar as it can be stored the longest), but I know that they'll just enjoy a sweet of some sort better. It really sucks cause I want to give people something they may not have tried before and don't know how to make, and something that comes from our heritage, but I also don't want them to hate what I get them and for them to not eat it.

These youngins are all drain gang this, ecco 2k that, but have never listened to captain beefhart! what's up with that???

Being in geet's discord server has taught me just how energetic the zoomers can be, myes. Not a bad thing, but it's 12am and these youngins are very excited!!

Next time a snouts user wants to fight, ur gonna have to 1v1 me on shipment

delicious Lebanese food 

just want so bad... looks so good

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thinking about making Za'atar Man'ouche for christmas breakfast and probably being the only one that eats it

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