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hey y'all, I just made my first blog post! If you wanna read, and keep updated, I'll be posting here occasionally (probably once or twice a month) and trying to keep up with it <3

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please dm or @ me before follow requesting, thanks

"it's easy, you just gotta be in the mood to do it 😏 "

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me showing off my various rhythm game accomplishments

video games are so nice, why the fuck are they a dude thing? Dudes ruin them

these are my top scores in both games, and I'm very happy to see myself improve so much!

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the blunderbuss is simply a gaped shotgun

covergirl's marketing campaign is flawed as every woman is already easy, breezy, and beautiful :)

"valorant is more fun than cs:go" *gets running headshot by a player with more mobility than you'll ever have cause of their abilities*

Loud and proud, these nuts don't back down.

browsing the fedi is different when you're freeballin

you think if I went back in time and told leonard cohen about my scaly nuts he'd write me a song?

"We own half the world, oh say can you see? / And the name for our profits is democracy / So like it or not, you will have to be free / 'Cause we're the cops of the world, boys / We're the cops of the world"

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