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Gonna make a general rhythm game accomplishment thread actually instead of just a guitar hero FC thread. I play too many rhythm games to have like 6 separate threads for them lmao

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please dm or @ me before follow requesting, thanks

Starting to think taking and getting really into martial arts is autism behavior :gatopensa:

Like, what do you get from doing this? what's the purpose?

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really wish people wouldn't record and post people at their most vulnerable moments online. Like if I was having an autistic meltdown, the last thing that would help is filming me

why traumatized child soldier not want to fight in war?????

getting sent isis beheadings as a kid was honestly not proper netiquette of most of my generation

someone called dogs junkies for fetch on twitter and I think it's important that we go read a book sometimes and divorce it from our social media presence

you can also "federate your blog" on the fediverse and no fucking thank you

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lol you can activate monetization with coil on and it's crypto bullshit

when I bend over for punk girls, it's called opening the pit

turned into an adult the minute I got a coffee maker instead of drinking a monster every day

you should all read my blog post haha lol that would be crazy xd

oops whoops how'd this get here? haha weird if you clicked both the links in these posts

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New blog post is up! An attempt to intro the blog as a whole, and establish a framework for media analysis

my daddy pissed off of his porch, and his daddy before him. Generations of dads, taking a leak in the autumn weather, teaching their children how to do the same

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