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hey y'all, I just made my first blog post! If you wanna read, and keep updated, I'll be posting here occasionally (probably once or twice a month) and trying to keep up with it <3

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please dm or @ me before follow requesting, thanks

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hello, it's me, penny from rad town. If I followed you previously but didn't on here, it's most likely cause I didn't see your name in the migrated followers, or I didn't recognize it, sorry :blobcat_pleading:​

Disney's full name is Walter Entertainment Disney

my tummy is full, but I desire more peesha

got rid of my smartphone entirely so I can tell my parents that adults these days spend too much time on that dang phone

homophobic that in order to get pizza, I have to talk to my family

dk64 is only good cause of "Ohhhhh baNAna" and the fact that you are monky

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unpopular opinion but banjo kazooie is a bad video game, and is saved by its incredibly sound design and music

djmax respect v is 36 gigs and I don't get how

setting the glock to burst on cs:go 😩

15 dollars an hour is a chicken feed wage and we can't even get that


I will not take this eggy slander on my timeline!!

I'd feel bad if it weren't the only place offering quality chicken fast food brekkie

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have to resist the urge to get a brekkie burrito from homophobe chicken restaurant.....

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I just want all my favorite mods with the new pretty mountains, is that so much to ask :blobcat_pleading:​

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I know this isn't gonna happen, but like... a girl can dream, okay?

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infinity evolved is the best minecraft modpack, but it's on 1.7 and while that's like... fine, I'd like to see it updated when the caves and cliffs update comes out so that I can play it with the new mountain generation

ate some beans and corn bread for dinner πŸ˜‹

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