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Reminder that pleroma has block evasion as a feature and if you see nothing wrong with that you need to log the fuck off

instances I just defederated with for replying to nazis in my mentions:

any more fucking takers? I'm not in a particularly permissive mood today.

So if I tab complete in my shell I get both software and software.d showing up, but I can't actually access software.d this way. Why doesn't the shell just filter it out lol

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I have 3rd party stuff and my own scripts stuffed into ~/bin, as ~/bin/software for a small wrapper script and ~/bin/software.d holding the actual files

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one thing that's weird is that subdirectories in your path will show up in your shell completions despite not being accessible this way

:bing: top 10 normal things to think about while waiting for class to start

@whalefall idek anything. all i can say is β€œthe softwares great despite the free speech for lolicon advocates” is an instablock

Tera I/O was really good but the mixing felt kinda off from how clean it was in Xeronial Xero and h I just wanna see what's next

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when will my love* return from the war**

**making a new album

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