馃洃 child murder, racism, police terrorism 

Last week, the cops in my city burned down a fucking house with a 15 year old boy inside.

The boy's name was Brett Rosenau. He died on June 6th in a fire that started by an completely pointless SWAT raid, when a flash grenade ignited a fog of tear gas.

Brett's family has a crowdfunding page up to help with his funeral costs:

馃洃 child murder, racism, police terrorism 

The cops were trying to arrest a man named Qiaunt Kelley. The house that they burned down wasn't even his, and it's not exactly clear how he might have known the child.

It came to light yesterday that the police were lying to city officials & the local press when they claimed there were federal warrants out for Kelley's arrest. In reality, the NM corrections dept. had issued a warrant for some parole violations, and there were no felony charges against him at all.

"A parole violation is not a felony and is not handled by a criminal court. Instead, it is adjudicated by the state Probation and Parole board." [src]

More importantly, whatever he was wanted for was completely fucking unrelated to the home they destroyed or the teenage boy who they killed.

馃洃 child murder, racism, police terrorism 

@rosetree fucking cops I swear to god. This poor family

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