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there's not even a city in the united states called johnsonville

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~*~ this account never stopped laughing at the astral babies ~*~


oh no i cant go to the uk with my astrazeneca vaccine!! wait a minute. why would i ever go to the uk


Jon Stewart is back, we’ll all be saved

my pumpkin patch! it’s even sprouting flowers in this mf. so far two baby pumpkins and there’s one more about to sprout 🤞🏻

before calling the police ask yourself, "would an egomaniacal white supremacist with a gun make this situation more or less safe?"

Literally every NYT op ed is about how liberal elites only listen to hoity-toity professors in the pocket of big business, instead of listening to salt of the earth blue collar hammer-swinging little guys whose only desires are for health insurance executives to be the sole deciders of their fate as the free market decrees, and for the copyright on Mickey Mouse to be extended by another 50 years. If only the Washington suits would listen...

It's going to be fucked up when we get a President who isn't fun to impersonate. We've got five guys who talk weird in a row now. We've been spoiled.

its anthrocentrism on humanity's part that we have so much scifi about "what if monky evolved brain" and nothing about elephants, who like already worship the moon, show that they have spirituality and religion, and hold funerary rights for members of their packs including burial.

honestly I'm happy to believe that a lot of the stuff that seems written by the CIA is actually written by some rando. the us imperialism engine is exceptionally good at getting it's citizens to support it even in the face of its blatant crimes against humanity

If you have some spare, would you please send some cash @magicalmilly 's way? They were unable to work last week thanks to Hurricane Nicholas, and they're getting jerked around by unemployment, and their birthday is next week, and ... they could just use something nice in their life.

Art people of Mastodon: any recommendations for books or other resources on learning color theory? Boosts extremely welcome

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