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hey can I get another "fuck ronald reagan" ?

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~*~ this account never stopped laughing at the astral babies ~*~

hang every single nazi. especially the ones that you, person reading this on the federated tl, are friends with.

swear-in horribleness 

fuck this one actually needs a cw huh

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heron horribleness. 

@rosetree dino fight dino fight dino fight

charon horribleness 

it's amazing how far space science has come ..

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"I do not believe that our sexuality, gender expression and bodies can be liberated without making a ferocious mobilization against imperialist war and racism an integral part of our struggle." - Comrade Leslie Feinberg

[reading the communist manifesto] what is this supposed to mean. is this allegory

wishing simone de beauvoir named her book something fancy like "the second sex" instead of calling it "gender 2"

my instance _is_ a rancid garbage fire, but i ban people for being racist and homophobic. so think about that

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i've been making weird posts on the internet since literally before 4chan existed

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