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hey can I get another "fuck ronald reagan" ?

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~*~ this account never stopped laughing at the astral babies ~*~

love to see wikipedians uncritically equating indigenous society with primitive society. as if native cultures were/are some sort of time capsule to 10000 b.c. or something.


#myasstodontownhall Public discord created for easier facilitation of taking calls

No Cops
No Pleroma
No Troops

if anybody comes near my place trick or treating during this here pandemic i will telepathically send "T R I C K" to their mind and shit myself with a wink.

commies, anarchists, prison organizers, antifa thugs: sane, safe, careful for the sake of others

americans in general: haha oops sorry i need to get all up in your space for a sec, you're blocking the oreos

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the only public place i've been all year where people other than me were putting effort into social distancing was an an anti cop protest

@rosetree I mean, I do buy all of my fashions in Fall and Spring, but if it's Fall I'm going to be going to online goth outlets for obvious reasons

people are really gonna take their kids trick or treating this year, huh

always thinking about the bottom line, local plumbers save halloween for the children

some men are, in fact, good people

that still doesn't mean i have to want them

Reboost this post if you aren't afraid to have a picture of the LORD on your profile

98% won't retoot

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