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for any new people who might be rolling in πŸ˜„ πŸ‘‹

hi, i'm jennie! i'm a trans woman living in the southwest usa. until recently i was a software engineer for an observatory, and that job's left me with an extremely twee love of space. needless to say, huge fan of the moon 🌜

if you're trans, nonbinary, or just a cool person who knows how to respect other people's boundaries... friend! hello! i like you, let's have tea together! 🍡

my politics are basically "what would happen if fidel castro came back as a queer woman?" so just a heads up, if you see some strong anti amerikan talk going around between me and my friends, don't worry, that's normal. it's really just because amerika is the fuckin devil :ancomheart:​

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hey can I get another "fuck ronald reagan" ?

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~*~ this account never stopped laughing at the astral babies ~*~

throwing a batch of chunky estrogen into the blender to homogenize it (make it gayer)

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i am afraid i have shifted into horse girl mode because the beaurau of land management has a blog with tales of adopted wild burros and horses

this one's name is penny and she is VERY good

this lady adopted her wild burro to go on pack races with her!!! which is a race where you uhhhhhhh are on foot and the donkey has stuff in the pack

i can only assume this sport makes more sense in arizona.

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i'm very literate. i read books. i'll put dewey decimal numbers on literally whatever.

lives in the country where the internet was literally developed as a military project and shared with select rich universities, followed by decades of government concessions whenever companies in the industry repeatedly broke the law and exploited legal loopholes voice: how dare china be protectionist of its tech industry

oh yea i made my best beat yet like 2 days ago It goes dumb

Academic question, boosts very welcome 

Who on here posted a wonderful, super clear summary of phenomenology? I read it yesterday or at least recently.

Asking for a friend and cursing myself for not faving and bookmarking well enough.

@pyxis Talk about poverty and class in this country is completely fucked because the politicians are willfully obtuse and everyone else is fistfighting over who deserves the scraps more.

dank is so bad at picking notification sounds oh my god

i’m floored actually how the government of the united states of america 1) failed to provide the first round of stimulus to dependents in college and 2) failed to provide the second round of stimulus to people who filed as dependents last year, aka, 2020 graduates

the bible would've be cooler if christians had imagined god looked like less like a michelangelo painting and more like the demiurges, i think

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god my COVID-19 test back and it says I’ve got terminal dumb bitch disease??

"I turned to see whose voice it was that spoke to me, and on turning I saw seven golden lampstands. And in the midst of the lampstands I saw one like the son of man, clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash across his chest. Also a fucked up little twink with a sword, a murderous witch who was old as fuck, a creepy fortune teller floating in glass, a terrifying giant man in an elephant mask, an omnipresent cluster of worms, and, I shit you not, an actual firebreathing dragon."

- Rev 1:12-15

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