americans: "it's not our fault you elected bolsonaro"
the white house:

White House admits CIA involvement in “War on Corruption” which jailed Lula and elected Bolsonaro | Brasil Wire

I mean, this is not really news to anyone who doesn't love licking imperial boots, but I thought this would only be officially revealed like 40 years from now

it's like they don't even care anymore. they know they can get away with atrocities way worse than just destabilizing a foreign democracy and they know americans won't care, so they just say it out loud

the "corrupt latin america" stereotype has never been so useful

@romariorios It wouldn't surprise me, especially given the Trump admin's stance of Bolsonaro, if the CIA were involved, but it's not clear to me from the transcript that these senior officials are admitting to CIA involvement in that particular operation. If anything, it reads like their talking in the future tense.

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