"free speech" is bad actually and caring about it or protecting it makes you a liberal at best, hope this offends.

@georgespolitzer counterpoint: freedom of speech is real, but only if oppressive speech is actively persecuted and censored

as is the case for any form of freedom, it only exists if it's a viable option. and letting oppressive speech slide makes the free speech of its targets not viable


@georgespolitzer in general, true freedom requires economic freedom, which only exists in socialism

from the get go, freedom in capitalism is a lie. we're not truly free until capitalism ends and any socialist nation today is freer than any capitalist nation

@louis good point, but I'm more inclined to the interpretation of Thomas Shutte on the issue, not sure if you heard of him

@esvrld @romariorios @louis

"But had you ever considered maybe freedom means the thing they say it means in american public schools?"

- a bringer of novel insights

@louis @romariorios @georgespolitzer damn, weird how you kinda cornered yourself into a paradox with your definitions there. guess that kinda absolves you of responsibility to create a freer world while allowing you to feel smug, doesn't it? oh well, it's probably nothing

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