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if you post remotely technical computers stuff and are not a shithead white tech dude I AM going to follow you

don't like it? WELL TOO BAD there's nothing I can do

...except unfollow you if you so desire or not follow you at all you request so in your bio or some shit like that. seriously, DO NOT hesitate to ask me to unfollow if you feel uncomfortable being followed by a random guy online

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if your instructions on how to install your linux software require me to open a terminal, your software is not ready for users

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@geesehoward dark themes suck

light theme for life

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stop using c to teach introduction to programming cinnamon challenge 2020

I'm actually kinda upset that I was the only one who found my header image funny

ive never been an art fan but thanos hog really changed my life for the better

@extinct honestly you've just gotta be careful with paypal in general as far as trying to not get doxed goes

i've commissioned an artist once and the invoice they sent me had their street address and i believe phone number as well attached to it, and they didn't realize this was the case until i informed them

heads up if you use twitter at all

in typical jack dorsey fashion, the new tipping feature on twitter, which uses paypal, sends the tip recipient the full name and address of the person sending the tip

if you don't have a business account set up to obscure that info, you could very well dox yourself

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lesbian voice yeah she's a cute butch and has bought me dinner like three times, called it a date each time, and railed me afterwards before kissing me goodbye and saying "I love you" and afterwards made hundreds of sappy posts about me on social media, but do you think she likes me?

and the thing is this is an exceptional crisis. nobody is even saying nationalise pharma forever (I am, but you know know,). all you have to do for 5 minutes is waver SOME IP rights on what is a crucial society saving level of shit we desperately need. and I cannot stress enough THIS WILL COME BACK TO THE CORE TOO, if you let a virus mutate in India or Brazil, then it will come back to America and Germany, especially in such an interconnected world. and all you have to do is just step in a tiny amount to do not even altruism but self interested long sighted policy planning

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and then, the scum of the European Union, Britain, and American world order will piss and cry about 'Chinese soft power' and 'vaccine diplomacy' when China distributes their vaccine. YOU DUMB FUCKS ARE KILLING PEOPLE WITH HORDING AND INACTION, AND THEN LOSE YOUR MIND WHEN CHINA STEPS IN TO NOT LET PEOPLE DIE. like, ofc China will gain influence in being a benefactor of states, that's just what happens when one country helps another without exploitation. BUT NOTHING IS STOPPING THE EU OR US DOING THIS TOO, THEY COULD JUST GIVE OUT MORE VACCINES

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all these fucking ghouls in the pharma industry who are shitting their pants over the idea that vaccines should have their patents waved are killing people not just now, but in the future.

of course non western states deserve the vaccine and it should not be horded at all, and they will die without that vaccination as India is showing us right now. but the thing is that, concentrating the vaccines that do exist into one area, giving a tiny pittance out to show how generous you are, while having a tiny amount produced, will mean more people die. the larger gaps you have in society for the virus to exist, the more that virus has the ability to mutate, and more specifically, to mutate in such a way that will lead to the vaccine becoming useless.

IP rights mean less places produce vaccines, less vaccines means more dead NOW and in the long term as the virus mutates leaving us open to MORE covid waves. and these inhuman black hearted scum who run these companies are screaming that this needs to happen so they make money. this is what people mean with capitalism being so short sighted it will kill itself.

The comics industry and the games industry shaking hands over being extremely awful, tedious, and exploitative despite seeming like fun places to work when you're a naive child.

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reading the communist manifesto and saying "wow thats a good post"

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@PhoebeWallerPalladino while looking for things similar to this i found a Facebook page called anus footwear

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