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if you post remotely technical computers stuff and are not a shithead white tech dude I AM going to follow you

don't like it? WELL TOO BAD there's nothing I can do

...except unfollow you if you so desire or not follow you at all you request so in your bio or some shit like that. seriously, DO NOT hesitate to ask me to unfollow if you feel uncomfortable being followed by a random guy online

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if your instructions on how to install your linux software require me to open a terminal, your software is not ready for users

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@geesehoward dark themes suck

light theme for life

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stop using c to teach introduction to programming cinnamon challenge 2020

@gonzo actually if you're interested 'the history of philosophy without any gaps' is pretty good. the episodes on european philosophy (it goes from classical thru medieval to the reformation as of this writing) are interesting, but where it really shines are the sub-series on islamic, indian, and african philosophy

downvoted for pointing out people are doing guthub's FUD marketing for them

hey uh I'm trying to make my emacs prettier and more handsome, so I'm trying out new fonts for it

could you recommend me some beautiful monospace fonts?

the only requirement I have is: please god no ligatures

the communist agenda wants me to wash my face and maybe even my ass

I shouldn't have to explain why China and the US are not the same at all... I shouldn't even see people compare the two as though the history of the US is comparable to China in any way shape or form

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just saw someone on twitter say that china is authoritarian just like the US and I am just gonna log off tonight

dumbass opinion that I can't get out of my head 

@romariorios ive seen this type of thing. ive seen reactionaries try to argue that we should find washington's great great grandkid and make him the king of america, as though abolishing monarchy wasn't the one (1) good idea that our godawful founders had

dumbass opinion that I can't get out of my head 

@romariorios if nothing else, this is true in the sense that capitalism, and whiteness, from which it can't be disentangled, originated in europe; any expression of them carries that history with them

@romariorios Not shitting. My brazilian mother spent a semester in England in the 80s.

People asked her if she had a skin condition, because she took showers every day.

not sure if people are faveing because they agree or if they're saying "yep. this is dumb shit"

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Hey everyone, I really REALLY appreciate all the help we've gotten so far with our storage container
I have basically a month now to come up with the rest of the money, which is currently $1265
I'm still trying to get a job, and to get commissions, but even if i got one Right Now i still wouldnt be able to afford to pay for this

If i dont pay for this, I lose Everything we couldn't bring with us during our emergency move to TN, which includes our bed and several sentimental items

I'm sorry to have to ask for so much from fedi but i dont have another choice, please help if you can

Commission info in top post

Venmo: SCoyote

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collecting gamer gunk under my fingernails to own le tankies

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