you're legally obliged to tell me if siddarth beat me to this one

@req wow i hate it! im sharing this with all of my friends

@req gonna get even fatter and then lose all the weight at once and bring this image to a surgeon

@Jewbacchus that's the kind of positive change I try to bring into the world

@req maybe. I feel like the messiness was the biggest problem

@InternetEh was it all over the place? maybe. was it an enjoyable experience? I'm tempted to say yes

@req the original Alien is just hard to be compared to

@InternetEh counterpoint: the original alien didn't have michael fassbender

@req I've talked before about how much I love those scenes that are just Fassbender wandering around a huge spaceship checking on things, watching TV, taking down medical stats, playing basketball. That rules

@InternetEh on the other hand, I'm just talking from the perspective of a zoomer who still hasn't seen te first one, I'm still in time to change my mind lol

@req well, I don't want to hype it, but it's basically a perfect movie. Really tightly written and you know exactly what's happening

@InternetEh @req there are two good things in that movie: everything to do with him, and the autodoc abortion scene.

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