first video for the thread, I don't understand any of this but I'm sure the northern europeans in chat can enlighten my naive mediterranean brain on the matter

look I'm sure there's a reference to something I don't get here but who cares, this fits the day

sorry didn't want to steal attention from the meme of the day, which is, check notes, sexy boats, but I think the timeline is large enough for this one not to get stuck, too

critical support to the penguin from monads moderation team


food mention 

starting to sense a theme

food mention 

you could have made it about fatphobia or anything, but no, you had to make it about imaginary oppression

good job company person

food mention 

@req *sadly* i cooka da pizza

@req I MUST insist that I am a Belgian hater and NOT a twink cuddler

@req oh? to hate the belgians, one must valorize skinniness and youth? curious, and counter-revolutionary

@req @Manurweibling but the meme specifically imposes an either/or choice between the two?? this is a cruel twist

@toroidal @Manurweibling an even crueler twist is that the BOTH condition only applies to Mads

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