first video for the thread, I don't understand any of this but I'm sure the northern europeans in chat can enlighten my naive mediterranean brain on the matter

look I'm sure there's a reference to something I don't get here but who cares, this fits the day

sorry didn't want to steal attention from the meme of the day, which is, check notes, sexy boats, but I think the timeline is large enough for this one not to get stuck, too

food mention 

you could have made it about fatphobia or anything, but no, you had to make it about imaginary oppression

good job company person

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julles in this picture is both the penguin and the twinks

oh wait I get it now. decades where you fuck around, and weeks when you find out right?

@req its less funny than the average naples resident meme

@req the joker can't pull any boners in a twinkless gotham

food mention 

@req *sadly* i cooka da pizza

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@req I want to fav this but it cuts in the best part of the music ;.;

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