not only the luigi piss restaurant post went viral on facebook, but it was also turned into epic gamer content

@esvrld yes sadly, it comes from a page called "8-Bit Communism"

@esvrld well now you had me write it so I'll have to hit "toot" nonetheless

@esvrld which like, seems genuine in content but it's also extremely naive in form

@req I knew it would be about something like then when I saw the @

@georgespolitzer they're like, in the right heart place but they have no idea how to make memes

@req yeah. at least its not one of their memes about how we need to destigmatize being a john , lmao

@georgespolitzer @req in communist states, they never moved on from 8-bit consoles because no incentive for workers to do better.
not entirely sure this is an argument *against* communism or *for* it

@zens @req I'm sure the collapse of like 30 communist nations the year 16 bit debuted had something to do with it too

@zens @georgespolitzer @req Did you hear that? According to this guy in China they are still playing on Ataris.

@Tel @georgespolitzer @req haha this guy thinks china is communist. apparently has never heard of tienanman square.

@zens @Tel @georgespolitzer you sure bring some interesting points here, did you read what the political analyst and early China observer Thomas Layon had to say about it?

@zens @Tel @req you mean when liberal counterrevolutionaries protested black immigrants being admitted to chinese universities ? yeah that'd be the definite end of socialism , good thing it got put down.

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