'great' britain huh? seems pretty abysmal to me but go off i guess


is there somebody you forgot to ask?

doctor: i consent
patient: i consent
insurance agent: i don't

Prior authorization is one of the funniest absurdities of American healthcare. Like, a doctor writes a script and then the insurance says "no script for you, we need to check with the doctor if you really need this."

The doctor wrote the script. I'm pretty sure they think I need this. What is this redundant bullshit doing in supposedly efficient capitalism.

wow didn't realise flowless's fursona is in fortnite

imagine being a masto pleb and not being able to 👀 and 😳 thirst react to posts

big time cis oppressor sounds like a ska band from the 90s

forming a special ops team to remove anime from germans

therapist: the buff cartoon cat from fortnite isn't real, it can't hurt you

buff cartoon cat from fortnite:

i feel like every 2 months i notice the word favorite in the notifications tab on vanilla mastodon is spelled euro style and am disgusted immediately

when you ask little kids why they want to become scientists, they famously say things like "i want to be a scientist so that i can develop a drug that can save millions of lives and then a pharma CEO puts it on a shelf because suppressant drugs are more profitable long term"

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the way you know we are living in a great economic system is that scientists have developed a miracle drug that could prevent some of the most horrible diseases that afflict humankind and our political leaders are squabbling over whether a group of about two dozen old men should be able to control its distribution and use for the entire world

it's probably all over-hyped but it would be incredibly funny if the Chinese space debris fell on the White House or something

cant wait for the democrats to get absolutely destroyed in 2022 and learn absolutely nothing from it
a g a i n

screencap dunk 


i've already got construction bids in with the state to break ground on state of the art hulag facilities.

i don't really have have expertise or knowledge or whatever for such a huge building project. but that's why i'm just gonna lease one of those locations that's empty for 10 months a year when it isn't a Spirit Halloween superstore, and run off with the rest of the money.

the point is -- hulag confirmed. big AND true.

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