im stereo sexual in that properly mixed stereo sound makes me cum

"I HAVE AN ENORMOUS ASS AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!" I screamed at my enemies through the door

In many ways Tuesday is just as bad as Monday. For me, in part, it’s because of the actions of Tues-dar the Cruel who-

if people hate monday why not shift the weekend by one day

On one trolley track 5 people are tied to the rails, on the other a large purple man has laid his large hog onto the tracks, screaming "MR GORBACHEV, FLATTEN. THIS. PITO!" Wyd?

just remembered about galavant. it was cute

interesting turn of events in the geet fandom

whenever i see someone on youtube who's really into the exact same kinda thing as me, i am repulsed

golden kamuy, intense eye contact 

that smile... that damn smile

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