we can't actually win and force society to change!! that would be dictatorship and communism!! instead we have to let the child murdering billionaires do whatever they want with a shit eating grin

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communism is when you actually do what liberals claim to want

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seems like I haven't posted in a while. anyways consider this a friendly reminder that the end to this plague of a nation cannot come soon enough

hanging out in a public discord's music voice channel with my mic muted until my foreign intelligence handler joins the channel and drops my instructions in -channel-relevant

@dankwraith anyway cool that they're protesting police brutality by *reads* burning down ambulances

@dankwraith I saw some Iranians on Twitter saying the family didn't claim cops murdered her until the asset told them to

so funny that the NYT ran that article about the iranian protestor posting from an FBI safe house. you don't even have to figure it out these days they just tell you it's a psyop

it took me like two months to convince youtube i wasnt interested in seeing gm hikaru get confused about 5D chess or whatever

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i feel like realizing chess players are just gamers is something that happens naturally if you watch a single chess video on youtube because the algorithm will be sure to let you know that several grandmasters are straight up just streamers

get this, i dont think anyone has done this before. are you ready? how about individualism, but from a Leftist perspective

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