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alright maybe it's time to make a more official seeming post: Fantasia of Mecha's "Alpha 3" draft is now complete!

i'll post the draft followers only and then local only in the replies to this. if you aren't either of those: better luck next time.

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the NEW rules for following rat with scarf 

changing my criteria for follow requests, cause im picky. so:

-from the cool instances (monads, myass, redroom, elekk): no problem like, 99% of the time

-not from the cool instances but we've interacted before, like "replied back and forth": also not usually a problem

-you've done neither of those: ehhhhhhh you're testing your luck. i'm not a fan of letting complete randos follow my account, so there's a good chance your follow may languish in limbo for a long time until i decide to clean it out

-pleroma? lmao.

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well, it's rat. but now she's on monads.

i continue my quest in my secret laboratory to develop FANTASIA OF MECHA, a SRW-inspired PbtA game about a world with entirely to many robots. you can ask to playtest it, but don't ask when it's coming out. i don't know when it's coming out.

i am a dweeb with a mess of interests. i will compare yorgos lanthimos to anime and you cannot stop me. you have been warned

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I'm just a widdle zerg drone, I sure hope no one steps on me and then turns me into a big house that other zerg go in and out of, I would hate if if a bunch of zerg went and lived inside of me and pissed inside of me and used me as a house and a toilet oouuuuh I would HATE that

this is jared letos mom. my jared is going to be very upset if he finds out you're all making fun of his new film

in light of the worsening situation in the usa, characterised by rampant corruption and popular unrest against the illegitimate government i am declaring myself interim president of the usa

joe kennedy iii is forced to dress up as morbius to get the kids excited for centrism

Show thread "it's time to MORB to the polls!"

everyone collectively cringes

democratic strategists figuring out how to channel morbius meme energy into getting the kids to vote

i bet there's an army of interns working 24/7 at marvel to figure out how to harness the morbius momentum (or "morbmentum") before it inevitably burns itself out

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
Just a stranger on a bus,
Trying to morb his way home?

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