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before following rat with scarf 

ask yourself two questions

  1. is rat with scarf following me?

  2. have i interacted with rat with scarf before (like as in "replied and she replied back" not just "i faved her posts")?

if the answer to either question is YES, you can follow rat with scarf

if the answer to both questions is NO, i will let your follow request wither in limbo forever, or until i decide to clean out my follow requests

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rat's giant robot rec thread 

anyways, a few things going in

-no gundam recs in this thread. gundam is it's own beast, and it'll get it's own thread someday

-i'm not doing recs for ganiax/studio trigger stuff. that shit markets itself. you don't need me to tell you to watch evangelion or promare, somebody else has done it already. also i don't like gurren lagann

-big o also sorta markets itself...but also, i haven't finished it yet, so it's not here

-i'll put up links towards legal/youtube bootleg copies when i can find them, but if you want pirate, feel free. i'm not your mom or a cop, i'm just linking the legal stuff cause it's generally hassle-free with a good adblocker

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well, it's rat. but now she's on monads.

i continue my quest in my secret laboratory to develop FANTASIA OF MECHA, a SRW-inspired PbtA game about a world with entirely to many robots. you can ask to playtest it, but don't ask when it's coming out. i don't know when it's coming out.

i am a dweeb with a mess of interests. i will compare yorgos lanthimos to anime and you cannot stop me. you have been warned

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you wanna know my dr seuss take? you want my two cents? here it goes: everyone in whoville probabaly knew it wasn't santa that night cos they could smell the grinches stank all over the trees. there's no way you could convince me mr grinch has taken a shower even once in his entire life. you could show me a picture of him doing it straight from the book and my only response could be to tear out the page and Eat it in disbelief

in tactics a2 this list is slightly expanded by allowing three specific humans to use guns, two of whom only use them in cutscenes

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it is incredibly funny that the only the group of people in final fantasy tactics advance that can equip guns are moogles

also stuck in my head cause i need to finish writing the brink

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currently stuck in my head cause of scoob and shag, mostly because later scoob just looks that much like ryoma

this would work better if i had played more than half a suikoden game

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kin assigning monads users characters from suikoden so we definitely have enough characters to go around

please don't laugh at tanukis they have fat nuts disease

there's only like 6 scooby doo characters. the hell are we supposed to kin assign all the monads users with only six characters

descending deep down the fake nintendo anti-piracy rabbit hole

i need to make a "animal crossing characters call you a criminal" moodboard out of all these videos

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