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well, it's rat. but now she's on monads.

i continue my quest in my secret laboratory to develop FANTASIA OF MECHA, a SRW-inspired PbtA game about a world with entirely to many robots. you can ask to playtest it, but don't ask when it's coming out. i don't know when it's coming out.

i am a dweeb with a mess of interests. i will compare yorgos lanthimos to anime and you cannot stop me. you have been warned

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as i was trying to go to sleep, a phrase popped into my head 

"the pope's fleet of egirls"


the team was thief/red mage/ninja/samurai, or as i liked to call it "team coefficient of money," because it's ability to do well directly correlated to how many rods/throwables/gil to be spent on zeninage i had

i dropped it cause 1. team coefficient of money had one solution-"more money" and 2. i could and wanted to do fork tower but it was just such a pain in the ass to kill omniscient

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thinking back to the old ff5 fiesta run on my pi emulator i dropped

food, bad, don't try this at home kids 

cleaning out my esophagus by chugging some mouthwash

the best final fantasy game? oh, you mean dissidia final fantasy for the psp,

@ratwithscarf "a lot of people don't get the subtle symbolism Miyamoto-san (they'd definitely call him that) infused with every story decision."

new type of guy: convinced that no one has heard of mario and keeps trying to get people to play mario games like they're obscure indie classics

a kind of guy that is really into poetry but refuses to write in acab structure cause blue lives matter

physical fighting is just screenshot dunking irl


please choose the next biden cabinet pick

inflicting psychic damage on the federated timeline by posting chap hop

introducing HIMMORTALITY


but for MEN

recurring nightmare: you are in class. the teacher tells you "your mom called me." for a moment, your heart leaps! Perhaps she will come pick you up early today. But then with overwhelming horror it dawns on you: your teacher is Flowless. He is telling the whole class that your mom calls him every day, "even on the weekends." He hands you back your homework. It is graded 'F' for 'Flat pito'

re: final fantasy xii 

sorry, sorry, math was wrong, turns out the natural odds of finding the seitengrat are 1/10000

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Another simpler method to manipulating the RNG to obtain the Great Trango is to create a new save with Reks at the Save Crystal (after defeating the soldiers). After killing every enemy in Abyssal - South in Subterra, removing all but one party member (equipped with nothing but the Diamond Armlet), one must close the application and return to the Reks save previously made, use Cure on him until the number sequence 97, 88 and 86 appear. Without closing the application, one must return to the quicksave made in the Pharos, hit oneself once and use Cure once, then open the chest.

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