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Fantasia of Mecha's v 0.2.0 draft, "COMPACT" is now complete!

Featuring such exciting changes as:

-Rewritten moves for most classes!
-A new faction system designed to ensure campaigns don't need to run for 100 years!
-A bunch of little changes you probably don't care about but make the game run better!
-More bad guys (never enough of those)!

Link the draft below:

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the NEW rules for following rat with scarf 

changing my criteria for follow requests, cause im picky. so:

-from the cool instances (monads, myass, redroom, elekk): no problem like, 99% of the time

-not from the cool instances but we've interacted before, like "replied back and forth": also not usually a problem

-you've done neither of those: ehhhhhhh you're testing your luck. i'm not a fan of letting complete randos follow my account, so there's a good chance your follow may languish in limbo for a long time until i decide to clean it out

-pleroma? lmao.

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well, it's rat. but now she's on monads.

i continue my quest in my secret laboratory to develop FANTASIA OF MECHA, a SRW-inspired PbtA game about a world with entirely to many robots. you can ask to playtest it, but don't ask when it's coming out. i don't know when it's coming out.

i am a dweeb with a mess of interests. i will compare yorgos lanthimos to anime and you cannot stop me. you have been warned

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new category: fool assisted speedrun, its just a speedrun but there's a clown in the room

observing threads of posts thru my comically long telescope

1952: The Liberal Party of Cuba supports Batista's coup of 1952 and joins the provisional government, and later Batista's second government.

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oh no, sorry, it's actually the page "liberalism in cuba," this one's way more pathetic

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berserk question: which is bigger

License plate: QUATTRO
Verdict: DENIED

why doesnt the gundam pilot get over his infatuation with the female enemy pilot and focus on winning the war

Buying a 15-pack of art model mannequins to magically animate as a tower cleaning and housekeeping crew

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(staring into the distance, as if deep in thought, when i suddenly begin to speak) balthier is just final fantasy's version of corto maltese

everyone playing disco elysium is all like "ohh i died sitting in a chair, ohhhh i died getting a tie off a fan." couldn't be me. my guy died cause he thought about cars and it inexplicably made him sad. but i guess i'm just built different

when will my local library return from the war (collect more volumes of corto maltese)

i rag on tomino and anno a lot (because they deserve it) but then i see some insufferable clown have to process that their "mental health and the trauma inflicted by systems of power isn't real, you can just willpower through anything" mindset is getting skewered live on screen and suddenly i'm like y'know tomino and anno do good work sometimes

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re: some probably fash guy's take on EVA 

guy who cannot empathize with childhood trauma voice

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