poor vision is a chronic health condition and should be insured as such under your main medical plan, one boost = one respect

@pyxis if left untreated, can lead to: learning disabilities, socialization issues, trips and falls, burns, ...

@pyxis in my country (UK) it is to an extent, the NHS pay the cost of my eye tests and and contribute towards the cost of specs/contact lenses (without which I would not even be able to see this computer screen in front of me, let alone drive or work)

@pyxis yes but only if your medical plan is social, state-run. Private should be able to do what they like.

@pyxis if you're going with the free market, then it makes sense to have cheap options that don't cover much. Competition and all that.
If you're interested in giving everyone as much access to a common resource as possible, make it state-run and then there's no argument when you set ground rules for equality.
I think that in a reasonable society, private healthcare should be available and also completely pointless.

@pyxis governments should ensure their people can see.

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