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a pyxis is one kind of medication administration and storage unit that's used in a clinical setting. a pyxis is also known, in classical history, as a vessel known to hold jewelry, balms, ointments, often owned and used by women.

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okay so this is how the heart conducts electricity

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I am: gay people
I am attracted to: gay people
I am homosexual for: gay people

@pyxis What the fuck. What the fuck. Your ethra. not mine.

just wanna bathe in some miwky🍼👶🏻 30/M/Utah

@pyxis gotta get those strong bones to punch Anubis in the dick

can we talk about how AA, a government mandated program, is (among its many other weird fuckin shit), like, EXTREMELY oriented towards a stereotypically male experience of alcoholism

@pyxis stay strong brother! you can do it! nips that touch wine shall not touch thine amirite

*someone trips at my funeral and knocks into my casket which comes crashing to the ground yeeting out my corpse and 30 gallons of milk i’d been marinating in*

@pyxis getting my AA chip for no longer drinking breastmilk all these years... it’s truly one of the things i am proudest of in life 😤

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