i am 1) going to throw game maker under the bus for every technical issue we have and 2) not willing to give them credit for any of our impressive achievements

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You do not understand the extent to which Rugal Bernstein, both as a boss and a playable character, has tormented Latin America

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if you ever feel like a scrub just remember a mexican governor this year urged people to play online games instead of congregating and went out of his way to make a caveat that you should not pick Rugal in KOF

Sorcerer? Wizard? Witch? Warlock? Please. The real chad magic user is a battlemage with a gun

python devs 🤝 minified code 🤝 mathematicians 🤝 scientists 🤝 engineers
1-3 letter variable names

alright everyone, time to breath manually (everyone starts throwing rocks at me)

Godot Enthusiasts! I'm currently looking for someone to help assist with The Garden Path's development.

Particularly eager to hear from those involved with the engine and its community.

More info/how to apply thegardenpath.notion.site/Cont

Boosts appreciated!

continues to be amazing. I wanted to do something that would've been jank, and it didn't let me. Unity would've let me do the jank thing right up until it screws me over completely. :v

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More work on a small project I keep picking up and putting down.

I feel kinda bad for my training dummy marshmallow now....


Been getting weird requests from interviewers for a demo-reel, and I don't really have enough surviving projects to make one sooo....

Gonna spend some time recreating styles from some of my favorite games in Godot/Unity/Whatever. Starting with Nier:Automata's digital sections' style.

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