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browsing simulator: adventure with neko :blobheartcat:


travel with the old cursor pal 'neko' through random 2000s internet graphics

a calming walking-sim-like experience

*warning for many flashing gifs* and rare non-graphic blood, needles, clowns, bugs

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uncaptioned selfies EC, 🚨 thirst trap warning

idk about negativity or any of that shit. im a cat

fake science wants you to believe the world isnt covered in poop

im not going to watch this but i begrudgingly appreciate the acknowledgement

typing do bugs poop into google like i'm about to learn some knowledge i can never unlearn

leaning casually against a tree, thats throughout time has been coated again and again with bird and bug poop

staring out wistfully at the ocean, full of fish poop

suddenly thinking about how much animal poop is just everywhere in the world

ohh chess is the one thats like checkers but it sucks and is bad, yes?

feeling a bit bad that a day after everyone poopoo'd bees insistance of nb mr mime, no one agrees with eir turkey twink opinions

for lack of another word, nonlumpen people really have a weird idea of poverty and like try to undo this idea they know is wrong of thieves+swers etc being shitty, but they cant accept the reality of how cutthroat and difficult it is, that poverty does make people do shitty things towards each other and you can't gloss over that with some idolization of poor people being all gold hearted. that's why heartwarming white graffiti is so popular, why people are like 'oh why did rioters steal from this and not that'. people think they're more intellectual than liberals when they point out 'flaws' in the actions of people who have a completely different set of goals than they do

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lol people saying people who rob scalpers should robin hood that shit. yeah let me just santa claus the source of income that i need to lay low because i just *fucking robbed a guy* dum dums

you can mo with this
or you can nads with that
you can mo with this
or you can nads with that
you can mo with this
or you can nads with that
or you can mo with us


i am now a pickle peanut butter sandwich liker

turducken but its a metaphor for multiple gendered partners. idk im not really trying because im not interested in the bit enough to fix it but i am thinking of that now

i know everyone has said it all year and everyone is thinking it every day this whole year but what a fucking god damn year

i feel like i wouldn't say i 'fell down' a hole though i dont think twice to read it. like maybe if it was a very deep hole and i was really in there

so a horse walks up to the bar, and the bartender says "why the long feet?"

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