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im sapio sexual which is why i log on here every day to keep myself from getting too horny

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browsing simulator: adventure with neko :blobheartcat:


travel with the old cursor pal 'neko' through random 2000s internet graphics

a calming walking-sim-like experience

*warning for many flashing gifs* and rare non-graphic blood, needles, clowns, bugs

in the beginning there was the word, and the word was with the bird, and the bird was the word

plot holes in the MCU: they never made Thanos put some fucking clothes on?

Who's the real scrappy

this is too much heat. im switching to scooby, who i thought there'd be more of a contest for

im scrappy doo. the monads keep me locked in a shed and dont talk about me

im on a mission from god to make feet unhorny

You have neither the brains nor the brawn nor the balls to engage with me on my level. Goodbye.

Trying to remember if I ever figured out who it was that was texting me “I’ll suck your cock for Bitcoin”

kicked out from the fair because everytime i do tarot readings i get distracted muttering 'damn that sucks balls. just complete ass. oh geez, dont want that one. oh man haha not this guy again' and holding up the devil card saying 'haha he's balls out dude'

my tea leaves spell out 'sick as hell'. is that good

@pre today's card of the day is.... the dog who shakes your hand. look out for any dogs who want to shake your hand

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