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πŸ¦Šβ€‹ "And so the call is answered! Tell me, are you prepared?"

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i am running a choose your own adventure story based on emoji!

a new part can be voted on once a day.

from now on i will post a separate reminder in the hashtag once or twice a day, so if you want, follow the hashtag to see when it updates.

what are sapphic breakup songs like? "this sucks so much, im going to miss this forever, except for a month from now when we start talking again"

whats the ideal zone for poop. if you reply to this i'll block you

if the number i'm multiplying is over 5 i start debating the necessity of recognizing the reality of math

it's really cool when people see prarie for the first time. i think both ppl who live in it and ppl whove never visited, often dont think much of it but it's so beautiful

you can stay sleepy but you cant stay in bed...

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true facts about me: i sing the closing time song for many tasks throughout the day. most often for 'morning time, turn on all the lights off'

i didnt realize one version of 'ways of seeing' just straight up started with a paragraph on the cover lol. pretty neat

god thinking of my initial two month stint in art college 10 years ago and the first thing they bring up in art philosophy is plato. with no critique, just like, bare ass 'so what is the cave about' i lost it in class talking shit about that little ancient bitch

re: food, bugs 

i was going to just throw the whole blanket in the corner but it escaped that plan with flying colors, so my second plan, screaming and flailing, actually worked really well and it ran to the other side of the room where i dont have to worry about it

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food, bugs 

eating a relaxing breakfast at my desk. drop some potato on the floor, oh no problem, i go to pick up potato.
oh look, i dont see potato, but that is a gigantic spider next to my foot, inside/on the blanket im sitting on
good morning

healthy industry when you're like hey i presume the creator of this is dead but,

ah the director of lain and kino's passed away last year

going to the second top result from google, who i trust to have curated millions of results, for my health care needs

uncaptioned selfie, ec, alcohol

thank god bis are visible so you can see how hot i am

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