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PSA: ACAB actually doesn't include the People's Police of the People's Republic of China ☺️ or of any socialist country ☺️ because these forces actually don't wage campaigns of mass incarceration and terrorism against poor and colonized people ☺️ and they actually do protect the people from imperialist campaigns of mass terror ☺️ as well as support public safety and prosperity ☺️ in ways bourgeois states are never interested in without ulterior motives 😊

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train and equip the rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem

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if God isn't gay why does he keep filling me with piss

Commerce Secretary Raimondo: Corporate America is increasingly considering pulling out of my ex-wife - Atlantic Council

i nord on his stream til he blows in multiple locations


new adventure zone sounds cool, Justin's running blades in the dark

And the TV's tuned to cable
And I'm sleeping when I'm able
But the TV's on so loud it hurts my brain
Brain-brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain
:possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​ :possum:​

i think we should make fun of straight ppl for saying partner and make them do it anyway

Naruto at the family reunion: Oh shit uncle Waruto and aunt Zaruto are here? And old grandpa Moruto too, could have sworn you'd have died by now! Oh and look at little Yoruto and Goruto, they're getting so big... Eyyy brother Saruto, how's the wife and kids? You've got another baby on the way? Wow, Jaruto if it's a boy and Paruto if it's a girl, such lovely names.

me and friend took an intermission at the halfway point of RRR and just finally finished it and the queen dying between us seeing the 1st half and the 2nd half absolutely enhanced the viewing experience lmao

an italian won german week on british bake-off? after brexit??

I refuse to believe anyone is homosexually inclined on here

pickup truck?? yeah, i do that every day with my incredibly huge muscles

it's a flash of joy every time i remember his name was michael morbius

they should make a dragon age but with mario characters. get on it bioware

Monty Hall shows you three doors and tells you that two of them have goats behind them, while the third has one million dollars. Lacking any better information, you select the door on the left. Monty opens the right-hand door, revealing a goat, and offers you the chance to either keep your original choice of the left door or to switch to the other remaining closed door.

and your best choice? is mid

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