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train and equip the rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem

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if God isn't gay why does he keep filling me with piss

A couple of times each year, the police call me at home and ask whether I would like to donate to their fund.

If I do donate, they will send me a sticker I can put on my car so that any officer thinking about pulling me over knows that I've paid into their fund. The more money you pay, the nicer the sticker is.

I don't understand why this isn't illegal.

the immortal science of marx and jacking off

i wasn't playing when i said i was going to war with the sex havers. I have had enough

[getting a strand of hair on my face, pushing it back up with my hand] omg just like ogata

huh it took 3 whole months before the press and journalists and atlantic council ghouls started demanding we balkanize russia, usually its way faster

getting so exhausted by seeing the takes of people who think getting into leftism is a magical golden ticket to a world free of constrained resources or consequences for their actions—and thus repudiate any forms of it that they learn are not that, and inevitably become post-left podcast-brain dickwipes—that i might break down and become a theorycuck

like i don't get why people are so obsessed with socialism or anarchism as this like, platonically ideal rugged individualist fantasy where you live off the land but somehow your neighbors are still nice enough to give you a cup of sugar when you need. newsflash: when everyone is atomized and hyper individualized you're not getting your cup of sugar without being able to provide something in exchange for it

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"As a communist, my goals include fucking off and leaving everyone else to their fates lol"

imagine comparing a fine dining restaurant where workers get paid according to their actual skill and the value of their labor, use high quality, often ethically sourced materials, and have a safe and fully staffed work environment to like.. fuckin dennys where they run 3 whole people into the ground for pennies in a filthy rotting hellsphere
also disabled people def don't exist or deserve food choice or any kind of comfort or convenience nope

WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK THE ROOT WORD OF COMMUNISM IS? Okay I'm done I'm putting my phone down

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hmm, i wonder what the first three letters of communism might indicate

Someone came up with a take that makes me want to defend anrchism as an act of solidarity.

i don't want to abolish food delivery, i just want a good, guaranteed wage, with benefits, a provided vehicle, a mass transit oriented infrastructure (idk if would be better to retain cars for couriers or to just give us like, special carts and metro passes, but if we do have cars I'll be safer and faster if I'm not sharing the road with commuters and shoppers), and a designated district that i can stay in and learn instead of going all over and outside the city. i want disabled and elderly people to get it for free while i still get paid. i want communism not a homestead

the american cribbage congress' phone number is 1-888-PEGGING ???

spy x family 

"we've anticipated this" - me packing two changes of clothes in my backpack and three in my carry-on for for a single 28 hour trip

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