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komm sΓΌsser tod voice 

I just keep
Fucking your Dad!
Fucking your Dad!
Fucking your Da-ad!

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i have updated my pronouns to include "or she her but only in a gay way". an "oh look at her" or a "miss thing" is not considered misgendering

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if dine-in restaurants are legal where you are it is completely unethical for you to order delivery. go pick it up and expose yourself or make your own food

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pwease misses cwinton, pwease down't extwact my adwenochwome


the twink to milf pipeline is what i call my double ended catheter

resurrecting marx just because he didn't get slurped off as much as he deserved in life

Broke: Shaggy is so high he thinks Scooby can talk
Woke: Scooby is so high he thinks he's a Great Dane

*me, upon seeing a landlord not tied up and awaiting execution*: ruh roh

i think im sleep deprived enough for a prophetic dream. maybe it will tell me if flowless is a mod now

pot weed drug 

once i get i job and stop having to worry as much about money and drug tests i will transition into a scooby

The Monads mystery van hosts numerous Velmas and Scoobies, several Shaggies, a few Daphnes, but absolutely no Freds

wait is fred supposed to be the chad of the scooby gang???

I genuinely still don't know who the monads mods are and i think that's beautiful

whenever someone draws a clown the clown always is a redhead. coincidence? I think NOT

this is too much heat. im switching to scooby, who i thought there'd be more of a contest for

There are only 6 main Scooby characters, but we can make up for it by considering each series, reboot, and movie separately.

All im saying is I have the big square glasses

you know i can't SEE without my GLASSES *death drops and then starts crab walking to look for them*

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