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by β€œstructural plurality”:

all a community was, pre-cleansing, was a mish-mash of folks w/ jobs, everyday shops, community centres & housing… housing all who lived & worked there before developers β€œsnapped up” land β€œcheaply” & wiped it so wyt middle-class ppl & their enablers could create a staid theme park of boutiques & whitewashed ahistoricity in their own re-imaging of what they just cleansed

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remembering the one person that sauntered into my menchies uninvited when i said something about how having "tell me why you blocked me" is a real fucking weird thing to have in your bio

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why do you soft on a hardware but hard on a software?

the cruelty of the prison industrial complex is infinite and without end. the people who run these facilities should be killed. no gulag for them, i think

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NY Governor all but confirms that there was 0 plans to vaccinate the prison population in the state. I cant even muster the words.

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