i wish a:tla had done more with the minor bending traditions

talking about the swamp benders and sand benders. wish there had been more stuff like that, and any pushback on the idea that they're "really water/earth benders"

if i had my way, they'd be an avenue to show that the four main bending traditions are both the product of their cultures and means by which they are reproduced


the avatar then, is not someone with access to "all four" elements but someone whose purpose is to demonstrate through bending that the national/cultural divisions are fluid and not cosmically fixed

in this version, there would be no reemergence of airbending as a major tradition. it would probably become a minor one practiced entirely by people aang personally taught. however (if the other minor traditions played a bigger role in overthrowing fire nation hegemony, which i think they should have), they would also come more into the mainstream after the events of the series.

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