the only thing george orwell was worse at than politics was linguistics


"does your language determine what it's possible for you to think?"

every piece of linguistic evidence: lmao. no.

every science fiction writer: yes, obviously. and the Government is COMING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR WORDS

turns out that human beings actually have a lot of different and interesting strategies for talking about things there aren't single vocabulary items to express. that's uh, kind of obvious if you think about it for even a minute.

on the other hand, it's definitely true that the language people use is one place among many that you can observe biases and ideologies reflected and reinforced

to take an example: when time is something that is "spent," "saved" and "wasted," the statement "time is money," needs little justification for most people

a person need only look at language policies in the colonies of european powers to see stark examples of how language can be a tool of control and domination. but americans don't want to read about residential schools, they want to read about how the commies are mind controlling their citizens by taking away their words.

@parenthetical subtext is and has always been a myth, words only mean one thing, nuance is heresy, oblique references are cheating.
metaphor and allegory? witchcraft

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