this is ideal typography. you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

rashi script is easier than square script to decipher at small sizes, die mad about it

@horsefucker_thicc it is, not a thing that is well supported by most layout software

@parenthetical for the ogdo the main challenge is that the text isn't justified. so clear gutters like that become impossible

@parenthetical if you look thru ogdo vol 2b you can see me attempting variations of approaches to it

@horsefucker_thicc i'm talking about software support for automatically handling things like this, where extra space is given to the column whose coverage on the material germane to this page runs longer

@parenthetical if i were to lay this out in scribus, what i'd do is the left-hand text would be a single one-column text frame taking up the entire type area, with the centre and the right-hand side layered on top of it & displacing it. idk if you'd consider that automatically handling it or not

@parenthetical in any case deciding which text needs to be on which page & coming up with ways to make that happen is the layout artist's job. no software can create layouts from specifications (not good ones, anyway), you do need to explicitly tell it where the text is to flow

@horsefucker_thicc this requires knowing in advance that the left will always be the longer text, which, given that the commentaries switch sides across a page spread, is unlikely

the problem of how much text to place on every page is not that difficult, as the commentaries correspond to specific places in the main text. a more robust version of TeX line breaking could solve it

@parenthetical no it doesn't. you just. do the layout for each page. as you are going to do if you're laying out a book

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